github PrefectHQ/prefect 0.13.7
How many devs does it take to fix some bugs?


Released on September 16, 2020.


  • Use explicit exception chaining #3306
  • Quiet Hasura logs with prefect server start - #3296


  • Fix issue with result configuration not being respected by autogenerated tasks - #2989
  • Fix issue with result templating that failed on task arguments named 'value' - #3034
  • Fix issue restarting Mapped pipelines with no result- #3246
  • Fix handling of Prefect Signals when Task state handlers are called - #3258
  • Allow using apply_map under a case or resource_manager block - #3293
  • Fix bug with interaction between case blocks and Constant tasks which resulted in some tasks never skipping - #3293
  • Fix bug in DaskExecutor where not all client timeouts could be configured via setting distributed.comm.timeouts.connect - #3317

Task Library

  • Adds a compression argument to both S3Upload and S3Download, allowing for compression of data upon upload and decompression of data upon download - #3259


4 days ago