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14 months ago

General package maintenance

Closes #20

  • Add missing new lines at end of .pylintrc and
  • Gitignore:
    • Common VS Code and JetBrains IDE user-specific stuff.
    • All __pycache__ dirs (**/__pycache__).
  • Delete and untrack all *.pyc files.
  • Reformat and improve some docstrings.
  • Remove some excessive comments, e.g. ## IMPORTS ## or # WIPE. The import section is clear and visible enough to not need such additional comment. Same with functions - docstrings do that job well.
  • Refactor and simplify CLI argument parsing.
  • Adapt to use pip requirement text files.
    • Create extra dev and corresponding requirements_dev.txt requirement text file. Can be installed via pip install -e .[dev] or from PyPI via pip install konsave[dev].
  • Remove "Dependencies" section from - dependencies get installed automatically anyway.

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