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pre-release13 months ago


  • #1933, #2109, Add a minimal health check endpoint - @steve-chavez
    • For enabling this, the admin-server-port config must be set explictly
    • A <host>:<admin_server_port>/live endpoint is available for checking if postgrest is running on its port/socket. 200 OK = alive, 503 = dead.
    • A <host>:<admin_server_port>/ready endpoint is available for checking a correct internal state(the database connection plus the schema cache). 200 OK = ready, 503 = not ready.
  • #1988, Add the current user to the request log on stdout - @DavidLindbom, @wolfgangwalther
  • #1823, Add the ability to run postgrest without any configuration. @wolfgangwalther


  • #2020, Execute deferred constraint triggers when using Prefer: tx=rollback - @wolfgangwalther
  • #2058, Return 204 No Content without Content-Type for PUT - @wolfgangwalther
  • #2077, Fix is not working with upper or mixed case values like NULL, TrUe, FaLsE - @steve-chavez
  • #2024, Fix schema cache loading when views with XMLTABLE and DEFAULT are present - @wolfgangwalther
  • #1724, Fix wrong CORS header Authentication -> Authorization - @wolfgangwalther
  • #2107, Clarify error for failed schema cache load. - @steve-chavez
    • From Database connection lost. Retrying the connection to Could not query the database for the schema cache. Retrying.
  • #2120, Fix reading database configuration properly when = is present in value - @wolfgangwalther
  • #1771, Fix silently ignoring filter on a non-existent embedded resource - @steve-chavez
  • #2135, Remove trigger functions from schema cache and OpenAPI output, because they can't be called directly anyway. - @wolfgangwalther

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