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  • #1783, Include partitioned tables into the schema cache. Allows embedding, UPSERT, INSERT with Location response, OPTIONS request and OpenAPI support for partitioned tables - @laurenceisla
  • #1878, Add Retry-After hint header when in recovery mode - @gautam1168
  • #1735, Allow calling function with single unnamed param through RPC POST. - @steve-chavez
    • Enables calling a function with a single json parameter without using Prefer: params=single-object
    • Enables uploading bytea to a function with Content-Type: application/octet-stream
    • Enables uploading raw text to a function with Content-Type: text/plain
  • #1938, Allow escaping inside double quotes with a backslash, e.g. ?col=in.("Double\"Quote"), ?col=in.("Back\\slash") - @steve-chavez


  • #1871, Fix OpenAPI missing default values for String types and identify Array types as "array" instead of "string" - @laurenceisla
  • #1930, Fix RPC return type handling for RETURNS TABLE with a single column. Regression of #1615. - @wolfgangwalther
  • #1938, Fix using single double quotes(") and backslashes(/) as values on the "in" operator - @steve-chavez


  • #1927, Overloaded Functions: If there's a function "my_func" having a single unnamed json param and other overloaded pairs(with any number of params), PostgREST won't be able to resolve a POST request to "my_func". For solving this, you can name the unnamed json param my_func(json) -> my_func(prm json).

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