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  • #1783, Include partitioned tables into the schema cache. Allows embedding, UPSERT, INSERT with Location response, OPTIONS request and OpenAPI support for partitioned tables - @laurenceisla
  • #1878, Add Retry-After hint header when in recovery mode - @gautam1168
  • #1735, Allow calling function with single unnamed param through RPC POST. - @steve-chavez
    • Enables calling a function with a single json parameter without using Prefer: params=single-object
    • Enables uploading bytea to a function with Content-Type: application/octet-stream
    • Enables uploading raw text to a function with Content-Type: text/plain
  • #1938, Allow escaping inside double quotes with a backslash, e.g. ?col=in.("Double\"Quote"), ?col=in.("Back\\slash") - @steve-chavez
  • #1075, Allow filtering top-level resource based on embedded resources filters - @steve-chavez, @Iced-Sun
    • This is enabled by adding !inner to the embedded resource, e.g. /projects?select=*,clients!inner(*)&
    • This behavior can be enabled by default with the db-embed-default-join='inner' config option, which saves the need for specifying !inner on every request. In this case, you can go back to the previous behavior per request by specifying !left on the embedded resource, e.g /projects?select=*,clients!left(*)&


  • #1871, Fix OpenAPI missing default values for String types and identify Array types as "array" instead of "string" - @laurenceisla
  • #1930, Fix RPC return type handling for RETURNS TABLE with a single column. Regression of #1615. - @wolfgangwalther
  • #1938, Fix using single double quotes(") and backslashes(/) as values on the "in" operator - @steve-chavez
  • #1992, Fix schema cache query failing with standard_conforming_strings = off - @wolfgangwalther


  • #1927, Overloaded Functions: If there's a function "my_func" having a single unnamed json param and other overloaded pairs(with any number of params), PostgREST won't be able to resolve a POST request to "my_func". For solving this, you can name the unnamed json param my_func(json) -> my_func(prm json).
  • #1857, Make GUC names for headers, cookies and jwt claims compatible with PostgreSQL v14 - @laurenceisla, @robertsosinski
    • Getting the value for a header GUC on PostgreSQL 14 is done using current_setting('request.headers')::json->>'name-of-header' and in a similar way for request.cookies and
    • PostgreSQL versions below 14 can opt in to the new JSON GUCs by setting the db-use-legacy-gucs config option to false (true by default)

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