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4 months ago


  • #2348, Add db-pool-acquisition-timeout configuration option, time in seconds to wait to acquire a connection. - @robx



  • #2444, Removed db-pool-timeout option, because this was removed upstream in hasql-pool. - @robx
  • #2343, PATCH requests that don't affect any rows no longer return 404 - @wolfgangwalther
  • #2537, Stricter parsing of query string. Instead of silently ignoring, the parser now throws on invalid syntax like json paths for embeddings, hints for regular columns, empty casts or fts languages, etc. - @wolfgangwalther


  • #1385, Deprecate bulk-calls when including the Prefer: params=multiple-objects in the request. A function with a JSON array or object parameter should be used instead for a better performance.

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