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Polymesh v5.4.0-rc3

pre-release5 days ago


new features

  • Add remove_local_metadata_key extrinsic
  • Add remove_metadata_value extrinsic
  • Update to Substrate monthly 2022-12
  • Move to V2 Weights (now includes a proof_size)

modified API

  • Add two new error variants: AssetMetadataKeyBelongsToNFTCollection, AssetMetadataValueIsEmpty
  • Add two new events: MetadataValueDeleted, LocalMetadataKeyDeleted
  • Add new event transaction-payment.TransactionFeePaid to record tx fees.
  • The Contract pallet RPC endpoints have been removed and can only be accessed as Runtime Calls (state_call RPC endpoint).
  • Added payment_queryFeeDetails RPC endpoint.
  • Added Runtime APIs TransactionPaymentCallApi_query_call_info and TransactionPaymentCallApi_query_call_fee_details. Used to query the cost of a call without having to first sign a transaction with that call.

modified logic

  • base_set_asset_metadata_details no longer allows locking a key with empty value
  • Renaming TickerNotAscii error to TickerNotAlphanumeric
  • Removing ascii checking logic from Ticker::decode / try_from to improve error messages
  • The Weight type has been changed from just a single u64 to a pair (ref_time and proof_size).
  • Updated weights for Polymesh v5.4


  • Add FungibleToken type to avoid registry type error
  • Backport /wss transport fix in linked Substrate repo
  • Fixes can_transfer_granular RPC to correctly check senders CDD status

data migration

  • Substrate pallet migrations in pallet_contracts, pallet_scheduler, pallet_preimage.

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