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0.11.0 (2023-05-27)

Bug Fixes

  • Web-UI: Cleaned up and fixed the 2FA process of creating a PlexAccount (0332b8e)
  • Web-UI: CSS .glass-background now changes color based on dark/light mode (29f0c1f)
  • Web-UI: Display the default image when failing to request a thumbnail in the PosterView of media (5edad67)
  • Web-UI: Ensured the plugins are only running on client when SSR: true (23939a6)
  • Web-UI: Fixed alignment of the setup page tab contents (ef51256)
  • Web-UI: Fixed the AccountDialog not closing after an account has been deleted (6411108)
  • Web-UI: Fixed the Alphabet navigation for the Poster view of the media collection (13ca76c)
  • Web-UI: Fixed the BaseButton not allowing the passing in of the default slot content (4164634)
  • Web-UI: Fixed the confirmation dialog not showing wen pressing the Reset Database button under settings => advanced (1dcf2df)
  • Web-UI: Fixed the connections not being displayed when checking the server connections (232686a)
  • Web-UI: Fixed the DetailsOverview navigating and loading correctly (9b6c13c)
  • Web-UI: Fixed the display of refreshing the library data (1a4a56c)
  • Web-UI: Fixed the download table action buttons wraping due to not enough space (0f25689)
  • Web-UI: Fixed the highlight causing big margins around the elements that it's applies to (af044a6)
  • Web-UI: Fixed the hover and click not working on TVshow links to display the details page (34eadc1)
  • Web-UI: Fixed the inconsistent heights in relation to the content of the Dialogs based on QCardDialog (95cc50b)
  • Web-UI: Fixed the media details not displaying and the opening/closing of the DetailsOverview is now handled by eventbus. (70a1535)
  • Web-UI: Fixed the MediaDetailsDialog css being applied to all dialog components (9d565a9)
  • Web-UI: Fixed the navigating between TvShow and TvShowDetail that it maintains the scroll of the MediaOverview (afd8ebe)
  • Web-UI: Fixed the PlexRipper logo margin in the AppBar at the top (ea117d7)
  • Web-UI: Fixed the poster media view not handling huge 50.000+ media libraries (2603092)
  • Web-UI: Fixed the prop persistent not being passed into q-dialog in the QCardDialog (0fac6b0)
  • Web-UI: Fixed the repeated Library refresh request issue (2defbed)
  • Web-UI: Fixed the selection of rows and passing through the download commands (50561d1)
  • Web-UI: Fixed the wrong color value passed in GoToButton on the home page (7f74ea4)
  • Web-UI: Hidden the Database section under settings as the "Reset Database" button is not working in the short term (cb39d06)
  • Web-UI: Improved the vertical letter navigation on the media overview page to align and stretch properly while making it a bit bigger (7d59121)
  • Web-UI: include input,select and textarea when determining the text-color (74d1da9)
  • Web-UI: Mock data now respects the seed setting and will auto-increment when multiple elements are generated (c6ed02a)
  • Web-UI: On completion of checking all server connections in the dialog, the treeview will now collapse (de3681c)
  • Web-UI: Set a max-width for the confirmation dialog to not take up 100% screen width (d354bb6)
  • WebAPI: The media quality formats are now added to the PlexMediaSlim object (3b15052)


  • WebAPI: Added a "debugMode" settings property that will show/hide debugging functionality (5b90812)
  • Web-UI: Added a highlight animation when navigating with the Alphabet navigation on the media page (cb7a27d)
  • Web-UI: Added a highlight around the poster when navigating with the Alphabet navigation in the poster media view (a9b4def)
  • WebAPI: Added a separate endpoint for getting the full TvShow media data (9e1d7f9)
  • Web-UI: Added debug section under advanced settings which has a toggle to enable/disable debug mode (0b65743)
  • Web-UI: Added factory to generate mock Plex media data (2035a4c)
  • WebAPI: Added index to the PlexMediaSlimDTO (f32f093)
  • WebAPI: Enabled XML-documentation display in the Nswag/Swagger UI (225c453)
  • Web-UI: The debug menu items are now only displayed when debugMode is enabled (a8e4349)
  • Web-UI: The Print component will now only be displayed when debugMode is enabled (23654c8)
  • Web-UI: The table overview when viewing the media in a library now works with virtual scrolling, meaning it can view huge libraries with ease (b9beea4)

Performance Improvements

  • Web-UI: Calculating which letters to display in the Alphabet Navigation is now 90% faster (45f116e)
  • WebAPI: Removed the allMedia option from the api endpoint /PlexLibrary/{id} (736112a)
  • WebAPI: The PlexMediaSlim now contains the thumbnail image url, this greatly speeds up the loading of the thumbnail (3637711)
  • WebAPI: The TvShowDetail API endpoint now returns onl the data that is needs to significiantly increase performance when viewing Seasons (4f0966e)

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