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De Broglie德布罗意(v1.4.1)

latest release: v1.4.2
4 months ago

v1.4.1 is a maintenance release. we have merged some primary updates to it from go-etherem, and some optimizations were also applied.


  • Synchronised updates of features previous go-ethereum 1.10.3
  • Pre-adaptation of EIP-2718 and EIP-2930 in the code in preparation for enabling and supporting EIP-1559 in the next release
  • Support for enabling the new snapshot mechanism, which supports O(1) access to state during EVM execution
  • Added a way to remove old state from the database by rebuilding the database from a stored snapshot


  • Instead of getting the version from state, judging each historical upgrades is now by blocknum
  • For private chains, update the chainconfig into db after re-reading genesis.json each time you startup
  • To make inter-chain operations easier, hrp is no longer checked when validating bech32 addresses


This version is a minor version upgrade. each node can choose to upgrade according to its own situation.

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