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2 years ago

The Copernicus (v1.1.1) release is a patch release of the core development team's maintenance, which includes the implementation of the EVM compatibility proposal PIP-2 as well as fixes for some known issues.


  • EVM compatibility proposal PIP-2 solution implementation
  • Synchronised update of features in Ethereum1.9.0 release
  • Synchronized incorporation of ethereum vulnerability CVE-2021-39137, detailed description available here


  • Fix bug that staking nodes cann't produce blocks #1836
  • Fix web3js not updating bindata issue
  • Fix pre-estimated gas interface error #1819
  • Fix FastSyncStatus exception after abnormal termination #1775
  • Fix platon_getlogs did not work
  • Fix the dockerfile build failure issue #1537
  • Fix the problem that listening to events with the subscription interface gives 2 identical logs #1867
  • Fix the problem that platon_estimateGas returns too few messages #1819


  1. This release contains some features of ethereum 1.9.0, including the feature on freezer, see ethereum-19244 for details
  2. According to the actual tesging, the storage overhead of PlatON mainnet nodes will be partially increased after upgrading to 1.1.1 (for example, the storage space will be increased by about 8G after upgrading from 16,200,000 block high)
  3. Because of the freezer feature of migrating the original data, the process will migrate some of the historical data to the freezer database for a period of time after the node is upgraded, and during this process (about 1 hour or so)
    a. CPU overhead will increase compared to normal operation, about 2~4 times the load in normal state, after the data migration is completed it will return to normal
    b. A few nodes will experience a short increase in memory overhead after the upgrade and reboot, which will return to normal after the data migration is completed.
    Please pay attention to the resource usage of the host, it is recommended to use swap partition, if possible, you can also choose to upgrade the physical memory of the machine to 16GB
  4. The migrated data is not applicable to the old version (1.1.0), it is recommended to back up the data (data/platon directory) before upgrading
  5. This version does not require an on-chain governance upgrade, but it is recommended that nodes upgrade as soon as possible due to the fixing of critical vulnerabilities

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