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New Baleyworld v0.13.1

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3 years ago


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platon-ubuntu-amd64-0.13.1.tar.gz dd84e40ed9762e380db1953e70da4a81

Change Log

  • New features
  1. No longer mandatory to unstake when nodes ware slashed by low block productionPIP-11.
  2. The condition for zero block production times is changed from the default of 3 to 1PIP-11.
  3. Special blocks, such as election blocks, settlement blocks are packaged and traded according to normal logic#1461.
  4. RLP coding optimization of WASM contract#1449.
  5. Add the txpool.cacheSize parameter, when a certain number of transactions are received, the transaction will be moved from queue to pending#1469.
  6. Adjust the default gasLimit of the block to 201600000 to increase the capacity of a single block#1469.
  7. When the block is executed, the 'from' is first obtained from txpool, if not, calculated it in parallel#1469.
  • Changes
  1. Synced some optimized content from go-ethereum.
  2. Built-in domain names of mainnet seed nodes and foundation nodes.
  3. Optimized the performance test plugin.
  • Bug Fixes
  1. Fixed an issue where wasm contract gas was calculated incorrectly#1465.
  2. Fixed an issue where the bls signature verification failed in the log#1464.
  3. Fixed the problem of view synchronization failure when memory forks#1474.

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