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New Baleyworld v0.11.0

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3 years ago


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platon-ubuntu-amd64-0.11.0.tar.gz c3e512435190573f5bf687985d9a9341

Change Log

  • New features
  1. Support for compiling, deploying WASM contracts.
  2. Support for upgrading and destroying WASM contracts.
  3. Java/js SDK and platon-truffle are available for WASM contracts.
  4. Support permission control
  5. Added storage types such as Array, Map, MultiIndex
  • Changes
  1. Adjusted slashing mercanism. PIP-3
  2. Delete the unused command parameters such as wallet, ethstats and gcmode
  • Bug Fixes
  1. #1288 Fixed node cannot start after interrupted (terminated) in the middle of node 'fast' synchronization.
  2. #1256 Fixed memory overflow when call GetTransactionCount repeatly.
  3. #1187 Fixed the failed transfer issue to the built-in contract.
  4. #1262 Fixed view synchronization slowness issue.
  5. #1134 Fixed the 'vrf invalidate' bug.
  6. #1198 Fixed this 'BAD BLOCK' bug.
  7. #1290 Fixed transaction index deleted issue.

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