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pre-release4 years ago


File md5sum
platon-ubuntu-amd64-0.6.0.tar.gz 18f816bbb11f2617d3f4f5c12cca82ce
platon-ubuntu-amd64-0.6.0-with-mv.tar.gz 2ff9594dd5b86628188ca80bba5c9c5e 265e9f3983c3a21fa915d10e5903fec4 9cad41ea16c614873e0936909f8ea843

Change Log

  • Fast mode is supported for block synchronization。
  • Streamlined the data storage of MPT.
  • Support parameter "--betanet" to connect to Beta network when startup.
  • Fixed the panic problem of consensus.
  • Fixed the bug Change the cfg file cbft.json and observe the block time
  • Fixed the 'CandidateWithdraw' failed bug #49
  • Fixed the bug of 'Contract's balance is not enough' #50

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