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pre-release4 years ago


File md5sum
platon-ubuntu-amd64-0.5.0-with-mv.tar.gz 05d933f44e83215049af6b33d2a00819 e0926bb0c21227b70a5f448a62856f2a
platon-ubuntu-amd64-0.5.0.tar.gz 869fddec566ad4a881d7a56c71719c44 2988b96adcd7ef8144499a14f8b6cc87

Change Log

  • Support voting related transactions. #31
  • Support for nodes auto-discovery. #32
  • Support for privacy contract on windows. #33
  • Added some candidator pool logic which is necessary in PPOS. #34
  • Fixed the bug of returning a timeout when deploying VC contracts.
  • Fixed the 'bad block' bug which was caused by voting transactions.

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