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File sha3sum
platon-ubuntu-amd64-0.4.0.tar.gz 18cf606e8a46c54ac6ad9b9c573e0069193041e8d737910a0cc84328 40c3a7a22575c25838248302f934716c0847c0652e27baf3c3647fd8

Change Log

  • Supported verifiable contracts.#23
  • VC enable nodes can perform VC computing off the chain.#24
  • VC enable nodes automatically publishes the VC computing result to the chain.#25
  • All nodes verify the VC certificate and then register the results on the chain.#26
  • Supported Docker image installation for PlatON.
  • Fixed that the transaction pool was locked and the transaction couldn't be sent out during the single node stress test.
  • Fixed that the get result taskid returned an empty string when querying the result on the chain.

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