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4 years ago


File sha3sum
platon-ubuntu-amd64-0.3.0.tar.gz 286ecd0d4fa8d8bf54ef79b30d21cff7e390b518c2106f0778727e00 dac09503c053a7dc145ef269ec11e109bd06fec6a826000f63bfd1f2

Change Log

  • Support PPOS Phase one function (became validator via pledge). #17
  • Added compile options, choose whether to support/include MPC function. #20
  • Adjust block producing time window of CBFT consensus to reduce the fork probability. #21
  • Fixed the WASM contract return value parsing problem caused by a WASM virtual machine bug during 32-byte signed data alignment processing.#18
  • Fixed MPC contract storage exceptions.
  • Fixed bugs which is blocking CBFT consensus.
  • Fixed node panic bugs.

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