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File md5sum
ethkey-linux-amd64 512a64d2e2475811b9b17174f1d2f30d
platon-linux-amd64 cb548eedb2ae88864a2e08b12f9303c9
ethkey-windows-amd64.exe 5f94ba9644df0c80434c6f6b72d95aab
platon-windows-amd64.exe da766c14d1250019485ada459d9e1593
platon.json 170e71ac854658ada51276520a9ac07b

Change Log

  • Implement Concurrent Byzantine Fault Tolerance algorithm. #4
  • Implement WASM virtual machine. #5
  • Streamlined foundamental blockchain platform based on Ethereum.
  • Optimized txpool lock competition mechanism for transaction performance.
  • Modified the Gaslimit dynamic adjustment strategy.
  • Removed uncle block and modified difficulty adjustment strategy.
  • Modified the genesis¬†block generation logic of puppeth, and added the configure for CBFT.
  • Removed transactions verification incentives and new block generating incentives temporarily.
  • Finished basic PlatON introduction, installation instructions and step-by-step guide for private network building.

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