github PlagueHO/CosmosDB v4.0.0



  • Change Azure DevOps Pipeline definition to include source/* - Fixes Issue #350.
  • Updated pipeline to use latest version of ModuleBuilder - Fixes Issue #350.
  • Merge into - Fixes Issue #351.
  • Added integration tests for executing document queries - Fixes Issue #356.
  • Added support for composite indexes in indexing policy - Fixes Issue #357.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Updated module to default to Cosmos DB REST
    API version 2018-09-17. This results in a change to the default
    indexes when custom index paths are not specified. Other changes
    in behavior of indexing policy are also expected. See
    this page
    for more information.
  • Added IndexingPolicyJson parameter to New-CosmosDbCollection
    and Set-CosmosDbCollection functions to enable setting an index policy
    using JSON - Fixes Issue #360.
  • Fixed build pipeline deployment skip function.
  • Changed Build.yml to support ModuleBuilder version to 1.7.0 by changing
    CopyDirectories to CopyPaths.
  • Added Get-CosmosDbContinuationToken helper function to get the continuation
    token from response headers returned by Get-CosmosDbCollection or
    Get-CosmosDbDocument - Fixes Issue #355.
  • Added example to showing how to loop through a document set
    to return more than 4MB of documents - Fixes Issue #354.
latest releases: v4.4.3, v4.4.3-preview0001, v4.4.2...
9 months ago