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Pinkcoin v2.4.0.0 "Riley's Revenge" (Recommended Update)

2 years ago

This is a non-mandatory, recommended update.

Wallets running 2.3.1 can continue to do so, but server and staking nodes are encouraged to upgrade.


  • The wallet should now build fine on most modern OSes.
  • Fixed Boost and OpenSSL compatibility issues.


  • Styling and fonts refresh, cleanup and adjustments for improved readability.
  • Fixed broken price API.
  • Wallet fixes for improved responsiveness.


  • Added caching of block hashes to improve performance during the initial sync (ported from Gridcoin).
  • Added 10 blocks padding to block maturity in an attempt to lower the number of occurances of users having to run clearwallettransactions and scanforalltxns to clean up conflicted transactions.
  • Removed minersleep as a configuration option to keep staking efficiency uniform across the network. The hard-coded default is 800 milliseconds.
  • Removed unused and duplicate functions.
  • Disallow connections with protocol versions less than 60018 (v2.3.1 Riley). 2.3.1 was the mandatory hard fork, so connecting with a lower protocol version is not necessary.


  • Hardening against a potential bitcoin eclipse attack.
  • Disabled scanning for "Secure Messages" by default. This has been moved to opt-in behavior and should be considered use at your own risk until further review. It can be reenabled using smsg=1 in the configuration file or with the runtime switch -smsg=1.
  • Temporarily removed option to load hot swappable themes to prevent a potential security issue with locally-stored theme files.


  • Added detailed mining information and flash stake targeting indicator to getmininginfo.


  • Lowered max outbound connections default from 64 to 32 to preserve resources on lower-end hardware.
  • Introduced a new configurable switch: -maxoutboundconnections. This controls the maximum amount of outbound connections. The hard coded default is 32. Server nodes are advised to use a higher count to improve network reliability.
    Usage: pinkcoin-qt -maxoutboundconnections=64 from the command line or maxoutboundconnections=64 in the configuration file.


  • da8741e2bcf49309f1e2fb5183698ea8baae7c4d3dbaf72410759d0c11d3b62b Pinkcoin-Linux-
  • 15083343097e7094b01dcc6ea36e6ab71376f78bb59dedb22e8467f1867d038c Pinkcoin-OSX-
  • fd21d322274f9d790697a59dd74d3b1a02e2ba85f6ad4f84697b4e79a8cd4f15

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