github PhotoPay/photopay-ios v9.0.0

latest releases: v9.1.2, v9.1.1
29 days ago

Minor Breaking Changes

  • removed support for Mac Catalyst
    • PhotoPay.xcframework now contains only slices for iOS devices and iOS simulators
    • keep in mind that scanning on iOS simulator is supported only on a "best effort" basis

New Features

  • added PrivacyInfo.xcprivacy to the framework
  • added support for license keys that can cover multiple NSBundleIDs
  • added support for processing UIImages created from HDR images
    • on newer iOS devices, taking screenshots creates a HDR PNG image

Bug fixes

  • MBPCzechiaQrCodeRecognizer can now correctly scan inverted QR codes
  • removed surplus headers from the framework

Behavior changes

  • in DirectAPI, log if scanning delegate is nil
    • this can happen if the object defined as the delegate gets deleted
      while recognition is being performed
    • for example, if SwiftUI coordinator is used also as delegate and not
      deliberately kept alive, it can get deleted, which makes it very
      difficult to debug without knowing why callback is then not invoked

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