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Release 0.11.0

New features since last release

  • Qiskit devices now support custom wire labels. (#99) (#100)

One can now specify any string or number as a custom wire label, and use these labels to address subsystems on the device:

  dev = qml.device('qiskit.ibmq', wires=['q1', 'ancilla', 0, 1])

  def circuit():
    qml.CNOT(wires=[1, 'ancilla'])


  • Adds support for Qiskit v0.20. (#101)

Bug fixes

  • When converting QASM or Qiskit circuit to PennyLane templates, the CU1 gate is now natively supported and converted to a QubitUnitary. (#101)


This release contains contributions from (in alphabetical order):

Maria Schuld, Antal Száva

one month ago