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onn. is here!

latest releases: v3.4.0b1, v3.3.3, v3.3.3b1...
27 days ago


What's New:

  • The onn. remote control
  • Support for Estonian language (closes #339)
  • Apple app launcher for NOW (#343)
  • Apple app launcher for Joyn (closes #234)
  • Fire, Chromecast, and Shield launchers added for itvX (closes #346)
  • Native support for Roku sleep button (requires HA 2024.3.1 or newer)
  • App launcher for Elisa Elamus (#347)
  • various function buttons added for other device families

What's Changed:

  • Monolith .js file has been broken apart
  • Adjusted launcher for SmartTube (closes #350)
  • Optimized and updated logo color for SmartTube
  • Renamed SmartTube Next to SmartTube in dropdowns
  • Updated logo colors for NBC News
  • Updated logo colors for philo
  • Updated logo background for plex
  • Updated logo for pluto tv
  • Updated logo colors for Rai Play
  • Updated logo colors for starz
  • Updated logo for tubi
  • Updated logo for SiriusXM
  • Minor spelling corrections (thanks @reinuke)
  • Misc code cleanup

Full Changelog: v3.2.7...v3.3.0

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