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OpenNMS Horizon 33.0.6 (Mango)

15 days ago

Release 33.0.6

Release 33.0.6 contains a couple of bug fixes and an enhancement.

The codename for Horizon 33.0.6 is Mango.


  • Stalled threads in telemetryd parser (Issue NMS-16243)


  • Cross-Frame Scripting-CWE ID : 1021 Web scan vulnerability (Issue NMS-16369)
  • Address CVE-2020-15522 (Issue NMS-16384)
  • Querying Alarms by alarmId leads to a page that loses context on refresh (Issue NMS-16417)
  • NMS-16243 fix missing from 33.x release series (Issue NMS-16441)
  • Stored XSS on "MIB Compiler" (Issue NMS-16444)
  • Stored XSS on "Scheduled Outages" (Issue NMS-16445)
  • Missing Access Control on "Grafana Endpoints" (Issue NMS-16446)
  • Missing Access Control on "Geocoder Configuration" (Issue NMS-16447)
  • Stored XSS on "Node Label" (Issue NMS-16448)
  • Detailed server configuration in the error (Issue NMS-16449)
  • Services are deleted and recreated on each provisioning run (Issue NMS-16458)

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