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OpenNMS Horizon 33.0.2 (Old Man’s Beard)

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2 months ago

Release 33.0.2

Release 33.0.2 contains a bunch of bug fixes and enhancements.

The codename for Horizon 33.0.2 is Old Man’s Beard.


  • Access Denied when deleting a node with admin user (Issue NMS-15746)
  • Device config upload failed with org.apache.sshd.common.SshException: EdDSA provider not supported (Issue NMS-16131)
  • Event parameters with <> not rendering in event/alarm views (Issue NMS-16157)
  • Hikari CP leaking threads (Issue NMS-16345)
  • LdapMonitor does not work when a Minion is the poller (Issue NMS-16349)
  • The script showing the Karaf process status in our container image requires "ps" (Issue NMS-16356)
  • VMware credentials exposed in provisiond log file (Issue NMS-16357)
  • Collectd can’t persist time series data and throwing a NPE with "java.util.List.size()" because "rraList" is null (Issue NMS-16358)


  • Update install script to clear Karaf cache (Issue NMS-16226)
  • Add option to import-requisition command to block until import is done (Issue NMS-16343)
  • Rename User Data Collection feature to Product Update Enrollment (Issue NMS-16353)
  • Configurable option for Kafka Producer CollectionSet buffer size (Issue NMS-16366)

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