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OpenNMS Horizon 33.0.1 (Coast Redwood)

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5 months ago

Release 33.0.1

Release 33.0.1 is a re-release of 33.0.0, reverting the async poller changes and fixing a packaging issue.

The codename for Horizon 33.0.1 is Coast Redwood.


  • Issue installing on Debian 11 Reported by Customer (Issue NMS-16309)
  • REVERT: enable async polling by default (Issue NMS-15738)
  • Missing information in downtime model docs (Issue NMS-10133)
  • R-Core fails to install following the Horizon 30 Install Docs (Issue NMS-14777)
  • Surveillance Dashboard shows acknowledged Alarms (Issue NMS-15448)
  • Access Denied when deleting a node with admin user (Issue NMS-15746)
  • Typo in Configuring Minion via confd README (Issue NMS-15901)
  • "Dismiss" in Usage Statistics Sharing Notice is misleading (Issue NMS-16027)
  • Links in node table open both in current tab and in a new tab (Issue NMS-16047)
  • Fix Geographical Map after vue-leaflet upgrade (Issue NMS-16065)
  • Top of page search displays Show nodes with severity multiple times (Issue NMS-16067)
  • Device config upload failed with org.apache.sshd.common.SshException: EdDSA provider not supported (Issue NMS-16131)
  • Data choices plugin throws a NPE when user clicks on show collected data. (Issue NMS-16151)
  • Event parameters with <> not rendering in event/alarm views (Issue NMS-16157)
  • Users with ROLE_READONLY can add, modify, and delete alarm memos (Issue NMS-16162)
  • Docs: Meridian plugins reference wrong package names (Issue NMS-16164)
  • Fix resource types for default Postgres collection (Issue NMS-16165)
  • Service detail page displays wrong collectd package (Issue NMS-16167)
  • enlinkd logging hibernate errors (lack of unique index) (Issue NMS-16199)
  • Zookeeper 3.4.6 version mismatch in Meridian 2021 (Issue NMS-16209)
  • upgrade ActiveMQ to latest 5.15.x (Issue NMS-16218)
  • Documentation build failing: cannot find antora/xref-validator (Issue NMS-16227)
  • Node structure: fix sorting (Issue NMS-16246)
  • OpenConfig Connector parameter frequency in incorrect unit (Issue NMS-16253)
  • Container flag -t does not pass correct arguments (Issue NMS-16265)
  • Cortex plugin does not start automatically (Issue NMS-16272)


  • Add var-bind section into notification docs (Issue NMS-13273)
  • Provisiond threads description discrepancies (Issue NMS-14766)
  • Metadata DSL: Add metadata interpolation capability onto more threshold fields (Issue NMS-15667)
  • enable async polling by default (Issue NMS-15738)
  • Switch our Docker base to UBI (Issue NMS-15788)
  • Docs: Add install note on DNS resolution (Issue NMS-15792)
  • Extend PageSequenceMonitor to allow basic auth credentials (Issue NMS-15802)
  • Expand BlueCat DNS Data Collection (Issue NMS-15865)
  • Add confd support to Sentinel container (Issue NMS-16149)
  • Docs: Remove deprecated resourcecli section (Issue NMS-16216)
  • Update install script to clear Karaf cache (Issue NMS-16226)
  • Upgrade to latest Karaf 4.3 (Issue NMS-16249)
  • Deprecate VMware 3-5 collection/graphs (Issue NMS-16266)
  • Fix formatting in files (Issue NMS-16269)
  • Docs: Update install docs for monitoring database connection (Issue NMS-16286)
  • Update container confd to default Postgres SSL to prefer (Issue NMS-16287)


  • Metadata DSL: Elasticsearch Integration (Issue NMS-15752)
  • Update UI for Admin password change prompt (Issue NMS-15780)
  • Create Initial Node Structure Page (Issue NMS-16037)
  • Update UI dependencies to latest Vue3, feather, etc. (Issue NMS-16045)
  • Node structure page: Union/Intersection category filter switch (Issue NMS-16058)
  • Node structure: add unit tests (Issue NMS-16060)
  • Structured Node List: Add smoke test (Issue NMS-16061)
  • Structured node list: Export CSV/XLS (Issue NMS-16064)
  • Unzip command is missing from UBI images (Issue NMS-16087)
  • Convert Menu store to pinia (Issue NMS-16092)
  • Structured node list: UX Updates (Issue NMS-16103)
  • Structured node list: handle legacy query strings (Issue NMS-16116)
  • Structured node list: UX updates Part 2 (Issue NMS-16123)
  • Structured node list: Merge feature branch to develop (Issue NMS-16124)
  • Convert NodeStructure store to pinia (Issue NMS-16125)
  • Node structure: Add management IP address (Issue NMS-16126)
  • Node structure: Make preferences persistent (Issue NMS-16130)
  • Convert Node store to pinia (Issue NMS-16136)
  • Update Vue UI README with dev workflow instructions (Issue NMS-16142)
  • Convert more stores to pinia (Issue NMS-16144)
  • Convert auth, usageStats and other stores to pinia (Issue NMS-16154)
  • Convert deviceStore etc to pinia, remove vuex from project (Issue NMS-16156)
  • DOCS: Document structured node list (Issue NMS-16210)
  • Docs: Remove reference to opennms-cloud-plugin plugin (Issue NMS-16231)
  • Stalled threads in telemetryd parser (Issue NMS-16243)

New Feature

  • Metadata DSL: VMware Integration (Issue NMS-15753)
  • Metadata DSL: WSMAN Integration (Issue NMS-15754)
  • Metadata DSL: TL1D Integration (Issue NMS-15755)
  • Metadata DSL: JMX Data-collection (Issue NMS-15756)
  • Metadata DSL: XML Data-collection (Issue NMS-15757)
  • Metadata DSL: HTTP/HTTPS Data-collection (Issue NMS-15758)
  • Metadata DSL: Notification Credentials (Issue NMS-15759)
  • Metadata DSL: Ticketer Plugins (Issue NMS-15760)
  • Metadata DSL: Trapd Configuration (Issue NMS-15761)
  • Metadata DSL: JCIFS Monitor (Issue NMS-15762)
  • Metadata DSL: IFTTT Configuration (Issue NMS-15763)
  • Metadata DSL: Repository Configuration (Issue NMS-15764)
  • Metadata DSL: [OPTIONAL] Consistent *-config.xml Configurations (Issue NMS-15765)
  • Metadata DSL: Evaluate feasability to support metadata in Drools rules (Issue NMS-15766)
  • Metadata DSL: Change default poller and collectd configuration files to reflect ability to use metadata (Issue NMS-16016)
  • Metadata DSL: snmp-config.xml & SNMP Profiles (Issue NMS-16028)
  • Metadata DSL: change default opennms-datasources.xml to reflect the possibility of using metadata (Issue NMS-16029)
  • OpenShift: Document the impact of disabling allowPrivilegeEscalation (Issue NMS-16239)
  • Update wording to Product Update Sign Up (Issue NMS-16352)


  • Metadata DSL: Documentation for Metadata DSL updates (Issue NMS-15774)
  • Document change in login password behaviour (Issue NMS-15775)
  • Smoke test for Admin password change (Issue NMS-15866)
  • Admin Password Change: UX Review and Updates (Issue NMS-15867)
  • Admin Password Change: Merge to develop (Issue NMS-15868)
  • User is redirected to landing page after password change is done (Issue NMS-16036)
  • Use pinia instead of vuex in Vue UI (Issue NMS-16043)
  • Add pinia stores to UI but do not yet activate them (Issue NMS-16068)
  • Metadata DSL: Persist poller parameters as meta data (Issue NMS-16146)
  • Node structure: more query params (fs:fid, snmp, sys) (Issue NMS-16197)
  • Remove plugin opennms-cloud-plugin from installation (Issue NMS-16219)
  • Geo Map: enable user-defined map to be the default one (Issue NMS-16229)
  • DOCS: Document Geographical Map user-defined map (Issue NMS-16230)
  • Add node-gyp to fix CircleCI build-ui errors (Issue NMS-16242)
  • News Feed: UI Panel and REST Service (Issue NMS-16282)
  • Web UI for User Data Collection (Issue NMS-16283)
  • User Data Collection: Database / Rest / CM work (Issue NMS-16284)


  • Opt-In User Data: Name, email and company Collection (Issue NMS-16279)

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