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OpenNMS Horizon 32.0.6 (Breakcore)

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one month ago

Release 32.0.6

Release 32.0.6 contains a bunch of changes including UI cleanups, a number of access/role fixes, and other bug fixes, plus a ton of documentation updates and a new feature to show news and tips from an RSS feed in the UI.

The codename for Horizon 32.0.6 is Breakcore.


  • Missing information in downtime model docs (Issue NMS-10133)
  • R-Core fails to install following the Horizon 30 Install Docs (Issue NMS-14777)
  • Surveillance Dashboard shows acknowledged Alarms (Issue NMS-15448)
  • Access Denied when deleting a node with admin user (Issue NMS-15746)
  • Event parameters with <> not rendering in event/alarm views (Issue NMS-16157)
  • Users with ROLE_READONLY can add, modify, and delete alarm memos (Issue NMS-16162)
  • Events: filter and advanced search / method GET is not supported (Issue NMS-16232)
  • VmwareCimMonitor/VmwareCimCollector not working anymore (Issue NMS-16236)
  • OpenConfig Connector parameter frequency in incorrect unit (Issue NMS-16253)
  • Container flag -t does not pass correct arguments (Issue NMS-16265)
  • OpenConfig server logs invalid sample interval unit ?s when frequency is set to 4 digits or higher (Issue NMS-16280)
  • LegacyDatetimeFormatterTest.testParse fails to parse date time when locale is set to en_CA-UTF-8 (Issue NMS-16288)


  • Add command to Karaf shell to manually trigger Metadata Adapter (Issue NMS-13922)
  • Karaf command to display event details (Issue NMS-15130)
  • Add debug logging to SNMP Property Extenders on match failure (Issue NMS-15743)
  • Remove plugin opennms-cloud-plugin from installation (Issue NMS-16219)
  • Update install script to clear Karaf cache (Issue NMS-16226)
  • Docs: Remove reference to opennms-cloud-plugin plugin (Issue NMS-16231)
  • OpenShift: Document the impact of disabling allowPrivilegeEscalation (Issue NMS-16239)
  • RSS Feeds Panel showing OpenNMS Blog content (Issue NMS-16250)
  • Document RSS feature (Issue NMS-16255)
  • Docs: Create documentation on how to create graph definitions (Issue NMS-16258)
  • News Feed: UI Panel and REST Service (Issue NMS-16282)
  • Docs: Update install docs for monitoring database connection (Issue NMS-16286)
  • Update container confd to default Postgres SSL to prefer (Issue NMS-16287)

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