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OpenNMS Horizon 32.0.5 (Deep Swedish Rock)

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3 months ago

Release 32.0.5

Release 32.0.5 contains a bunch of security updates to Drools, Hibernate, Jetty, and more, plus a number of other bug fixes and a slew of documentation updates.

The codename for Horizon 32.0.5 is Deep Swedish Rock.


  • BMP docs could use some TLC (Issue NMS-13891)
  • Provisiond threads description discrepancies (Issue NMS-14766)
  • OpenShift: Documentation (Issue NMS-16108)
  • Backport Drools 8.x to foundation 2023 to address a couple of CVEs (Issue NMS-16179)
  • Integrate hibernate-core related patch from Debian (Issue NMS-16181)
  • Version bump of json for CVE-2023-5072 (Issue NMS-16191)
  • Version bump of jetty to 9.4.53 version (Issue NMS-16192)
  • Bump to the latest netty 4 version (Issue NMS-16193)
  • Version bump of snappy java (Issue NMS-16194)
  • Docs: Remove deprecated resourcecli section (Issue NMS-16216)
  • Post install/upgrade instructions on how to join OpenNMS Community (Issue NMS-16213)


  • Local Geo Map (using gwt.openlayers.url) working in version 29.0.1 is not anymore in 31.0.3-1 (Issue NMS-15400)
  • Access Denied when deleting a node with admin user (Issue NMS-15746)
  • Map dashlet for Ops Boards references old map systems (Issue NMS-16044)
  • Reports → Chart page does not load graphs (Issue NMS-16085)
  • Event parameters with <> not rendering in event/alarm views (Issue NMS-16157)
  • Add Basic Auth to OpenConfig gNMI for Call Credentials (Issue NMS-16158)

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