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OpenNMS Horizon 32.0.3 (Acid Techno)

19 days ago

Release 32.0.3

Release 32.0.3 contains a bunch of documentation updates, as well as a number of bug fixes and enhancements including improvements to the Karaf core startup, polling and node search fixes, IPv6 support in ILR, and a fix for loading the Cortex timeseries plugin.

The codename for Horizon 32.0.3 is Acid Techno.


  • documentation enhancement for discard-uei (Issue NMS-3552)
  • BMP Introduction (Issue NMS-13892)
  • newts set OPENNMS_CASSANDRA_DC using template (Issue NMS-16025)
  • Minion Container Documentation updates (Issue NMS-16088)
  • Update help text on import-requisition Karaf command (Issue NMS-16100)
  • Docs are missing a ValueMappingPropertyExtender example (Issue NMS-16106)


  • Intermittent error starting Telemetryd: No adapter found for class: org.opennms.netmgt.telemetry.protocols.netflow.adapter.netflow5.Netflow5Adapter (Issue NMS-15345)
  • Polling fails when rrd-status is set to true (Issue NMS-15806)
  • Provisioning policies do not apply (Issue NMS-16031)
  • Prevent Invalid Node Filter Search from revealing SQL query (Issue NMS-16057)
  • Unable to install alarm history feature on Kubernetes (Issue NMS-16070)
  • Minion and Sentinel just run with Java 1.8 - 11.x instead 11 to 17 (Issue NMS-16090)
  • Cortex-tss-plugin 2.0.1 does not work on v32 (Issue NMS-16104)
  • Update Instrumentation Log Reader to parse IPv6 addresses (Issue NMS-16114)

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