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OpenNMS Horizon 32.0.1 (A Cappella)

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2 months ago

Release 32.0.1

Horizon 32.0.1 includes several general bug fixes and documentation improvements.

The codename for Horizon 32.0.1 is A Cappella.


  • Database threads stuck idle_in_transaction (Issue NMS-15108)
  • Use UNKNOWN direction when not set in Netflow 9 or IPFIX template (Issue NMS-15134)
  • Minion connectivity config docs start the user in the wrong directory (Issue NMS-15618)
  • Docs need an update on what a Minion is able to do (Issue NMS-15620)
  • Various corrections/clarifications needed in Sentinel install/configure docs (Issue NMS-15708)
  • Memory leak when using Groovy scripts in provisiond ScriptPolicy (Issue NMS-15798)
  • Polling fails when rrd-status is set to true (Issue NMS-15806)
  • ALEC stopped working in 32.0.0 (Issue NMS-15808)
  • Database deadlock triggered by NodeRestService (Issue NMS-15816)
  • Some services do not persist the status (Issue NMS-15820)


  • Update to alarm docs (Issue NMS-15584)
  • Update Minion Docker install keystore instructions (Issue NMS-15803)

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