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OpenNMS Horizon 31.0.8 (Spritzgebäck)

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4 months ago

Release 31.0.8

Release 31.0.8 contains four security vulnerability fixes and a generous helping of other bug fixes. It also includes a few small enhancements to the startup scripts and other components.

The codename for Horizon 31.0.8 is Spritzgebäck.


  • POW Arithmetic Operator Does not work with Backshift Graphing Engine (Issue NMS-14779)
  • Cacheable HTTPS Responses - Cache Control Directive Missing or Misconfigured (Issue NMS-14936)
  • REST API: Deleting nodes fails with "could not insert: [org.opennms.netmgt.model.OnmsAssetRecord]" error message (Issue NMS-15033)
  • Plaintext Password Present in the Web logs (Issue NMS-15305)
  • Stored XSS on Quick-Add Node (Issue NMS-15308)
  • Geographical Map map search capability is not as described in the docs (Issue NMS-15426)
  • Foundation-2020: Snmp4JValueFactory: getOctetString displayable should be true (Issue NMS-15599)
  • Jetty CVE-2023-26048/CVE-2023-26049 (Issue NMS-15612)
  • Update to latest groovy 2.x (Issue NMS-15633)
  • $OPENNMS_HOME/etc/THIRD-PARTY.txt has gone missing with Horizon 31.0.6 and onwards (Issue NMS-15636)
  • SNMPv3 support for AES256 appears broken (Issue NMS-15637)

New Feature

  • Add a CLI mechanism to set the admin password (Issue NMS-15221)


  • Add KPI for boolean containerization status (Issue NMS-15368)
  • Add REST endpoint exposing usage analytics KPIs (Issue NMS-15371)
  • Usage statistics docs updated to include containerization status (Issue NMS-15627)


  • Smoke test improvements and small tweaks to help developers (Issue NMS-15387)


  • DOC: Pull changes into foundation branch (Issue NMS-15658)

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