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OpenNMS Horizon 31.0.6 (Coyotas)

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15 months ago

Release 31.0.6

Release 31.0.6 contains a bunch of bug fixes, along with fixes for several security vulnerabilities. It also upgrades the embedded Drools library from v7.x to v8.x, so be sure to test any custom rules that you depend on before moving to production.

The codename for Horizon 31.0.6 is Coyotas.


  • DOC: Document Newts fetch step / heartbeat settings in (Issue NMS-10155)
  • Document the function hiding Meta-Data values with keynames containing "password" or "secret" (Issue NMS-12808)
  • Scriptd consumes CPU even when it does nothing (Issue NMS-13216)
  • dependabot: upgrade Apache POI to at least 4.1.1 (CVE-2019-12415) (Issue NMS-14589)
  • POW Arithmetic Operator Does not work with Backshift Graphing Engine (Issue NMS-14779)
  • Form Can Be Manipulated with Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) (Issue NMS-14865)
  • Multiple CVEs for cxf 3.2.8 (Issue NMS-15065)
  • The management of alarms (escalation, and acknowledge) on the new MAP UI does not work for user without ROLE_REST. (Issue NMS-15080)
  • Concurrent requests to rrd summary endpoint fails (Issue NMS-15086)
  • Statistics Reports → Export Excel fails with exception (Issue NMS-15148)
  • No health check for the OpenNMS Core container (Issue NMS-15291)
  • Inconsistent expectations on TimeseriesStorageManager.get() with null return values (Issue NMS-15323)
  • Polling and metrics storage can hard fail if opennms-timeseries-api is reloaded (Issue NMS-15325)
  • Destroying container for blueprint bundle leads to downstream problems (Issue NMS-15326)
  • The various SNMP extenders to not work with ifIndex-indexed resources (Issue NMS-15342)
  • SNMP Interfaces Endpoint returns multiple values [duplicates] when there are multiple "IP Interfaces" pointing to same SNMP-IfIndex "ipAdEntIfIndex". (Issue NMS-15352)
  • Missing XML Validation in Apache Xerces2 (Issue NMS-15373)
  • Adding or editing a schedule outage doesn’t reload the configuration for Threshd (Issue NMS-15420)
  • M2022 Minions > 2022.1.8 Cannot use SCV credentials (Issue NMS-15450)
  • Event Datetime element parsing changed between M2018 and M2021 (Issue NMS-15471)
  • Minimum system requirements does not enumerate RHEL9 support (Issue NMS-15499)
  • Cortex plugin has no (Issue NMS-15521)
  • upgrade Xalan to 2.7.3 (CVE-2022-34169) (Issue NMS-15578)


  • Deploy Release Jars to Maven Central (Issue NMS-14727)
  • DOC: Create documentation for vacuumd (Issue NMS-15440)
  • Upgrade Drools to 8.34.0.Final (from 7.31.0.Final) (Issue NMS-15459)
  • Update docs to include RHEL9 and Rocky/Alma compatability (Issue NMS-15500)
  • re-enable license maven plugin as a separate job (Issue NMS-15572)


  • DOC: Update replacement tokens documentation (Issue NMS-15045)
  • Vulnerable c3p0 packaged in Meridian 2021 (Issue NMS-15072)
  • DOC: Restructure Alarm History documentation (Issue NMS-15287)

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