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OpenNMS Horizon 31.0.5 (Macaron)

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13 months ago

Release 31.0.5

Release 31.0.5 is a bugfix release that also incorporates several documentation improvements, upgrades a couple of library dependencies, improves how plugins are included in the container images, and adds one small enhancement to the web UI.

The codename for Horizon 31.0.5 is Macaron.


  • Upgrade ActiveMQ to 5.15 (Issue NMS-12089)
  • Add documentation for using Scheduled Outages (Issue NMS-12621)


  • Replace wiki links across all codebase (Issue NMS-13912)
  • dependabot: mockito 3.4.6 to 4.6.1 (Issue NMS-14586)
  • DOC: Timeseries Documentation (Issue NMS-14959)
  • DOC: Configuration Manager API for External Requisitions is not documented (Issue NMS-15019)
  • Update dual write docs to clarify configuration (Issue NMS-15425)
  • Add collection package information to web UI (Issue NMS-15429)
  • PersistRegexSelectorStrategy is not where the docs say it should be (Issue NMS-15461)


  • Minion on Ubuntu fails to start (Issue NMS-15160)
  • Upgrade HikariCP to 5.x (Issue NMS-15171)
  • Docs: The "Housekeeping Tasks" page should not tell the user to always run on upgrade (Issue NMS-15296)
  • Elevation on Feather nav bar header casts undesirable shadow (Issue NMS-15367)
  • Docs: Update path reference for PostgreSQL config files (Issue NMS-15381)
  • opennms-karaf-health is not last in featuresBoot — might miss status for a few features (Issue NMS-15407)
  • Add Jdbc graph definitions for default collection set (Issue NMS-15419)
  • Invalid syntax due to typo in provisiond snmp graph (Issue NMS-15434)


  • Number examples in service monitor chapters (Issue NMS-15215)
  • Document the breaking changes done as part of Limit script file locations for GpDetector and ScriptPolicy (Issue NMS-15288)
  • Move the logic for downloading plugins into the Dockerfile (Issue NMS-15401)

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