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OpenNMS Horizon 31.0.4 (Otap)

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15 months ago

Release 31.0.4

Release 31.0.4 introduces one breaking change (see below). It also brings a handful of containerization improvements, fixes several security vulnerabilities, upgrades many potentially vulnerable dependency libraries, fixes one bug in the BSM daemon, and fixes many non-security bugs.

Breaking changes

  • The GpDetector and ScriptPolicy now require that their scripts be located beneath $OPENNMS_HOME and beneath $OPENNMS_HOME/etc/script-policies, respectively. If you are using either of these classes in your foreign-source definitions, please address this requirement before upgrading to this release.

Known issues

The following known issues impact Horizon 31.0.4; we expect all to be fixed in the next micro-version release:

  • Regular users are unable to acknowledge or clear alarms from the geographical map’s integrated alarm browser. Until we identify a fix, it is possible to work around this problem by adding ROLE_REST to a user’s set of assigned roles. See NMS-15080 for details. Thanks to Ricardo Monteiro for bringing this problem to our attention.
  • On systems where dual-write time series persisting is enabled, an intermittent startup problem may cause either a delay in data starting to be persisted, or a hard failure necessitating a restarting of the core. See NMS-15326 for details.
  • The ALEC plugin currently cannot be successfully installed on a Sentinel node. At release time, it is unclear whether the problem lies in Sentinel or in ALEC. Some details are captured in NMS-15396.

Shout-outs and errata


  • Add search term highlight functionality in documentation (Issue NMS-13540)
  • Geo Map node groups should split into individual markers (Issue NMS-15150)
  • Meridian container images are signed (Issue NMS-15341)

The codename for Horizon 31.0.4 is Otap.


  • remove image related defaults from Docker container makefile (Issue NMS-13583)
  • Add documentation for SELinux as a requirement to run OpenNMS (Issue NMS-14210)
  • No way to know the alarm type (as type 1, 2 or 3) from web UI (Issue NMS-14578)
  • Deploy Release Jars to Maven Central (Issue NMS-14727)
  • Make the cloud connect plugin available in container images (Issue NMS-15012)
  • Data collection and graph definitions for provisiond performance (Issue NMS-15018)
  • DOC: Configuration Manager API for External Requisitions is not documented (Issue NMS-15019)
  • Update docs with steps to activate Path Outage feature (Issue NMS-15218)
  • Container: output some details when we copy files into the container in (Issue NMS-15226)
  • Update VMware provisiond handler docs (Issue NMS-15270)
  • Make the ALEC plugin available in container images (Issue NMS-15349)
  • Make the Cortex TSS plugin available in container images (Issue NMS-15350)
  • Smoke test improvements and small tweaks to help developers (Issue NMS-15387)



  • CVE in Jolokia 1.3.3 dependency (Issue NMS-15068)
  • CVE-2021-37714 for jsoup (multiple versions) (Issue NMS-15069)
  • vulnerable Junit dependency (Issue NMS-15074)
  • RHEL9 installation documentation tab (Issue NMS-15079)
  • Document deviceconfig tftp maximumReceiveSize (Issue NMS-15121)
  • JAVA_KEYALIAS Variable needs to be updated (Issue NMS-15239)
  • JAVA_KEYSTORE Variable needs to be updated (Issue NMS-15240)
  • JAVA_STOREPASS Variable needs to be updated (Issue NMS-15241)
  • Document the breaking changes done as part of Limit script file locations for GpDetector and ScriptPolicy (Issue NMS-15288)
  • Release notes / wart: ALEC not installable on M2023.1.0 / H31.0.4 Sentinel (Issue NMS-15403)
  • Release notes / wart: dual-write TS delay on startup (Issue NMS-15404)
  • Release notes / wart: Geo map alarms and ROLE_REST (thank Ricardo Monteiro for the report) (Issue NMS-15406)


  • Publish container images to a container registry other than DockerHub (Issue NMS-15091)

Unexpected Behavior

  • Link on Netflow9 to main Netflow doc is broken (Issue NMS-15144)

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