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OpenNMS Horizon 31.0.3 (Biscotti)

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15 months ago

Release 31.0.3

Release 31.0.3 is a minor release which fixes a number of UI and backend bugs, brings one small UI enhancement, patches two potential security vulnerabilities, and formalizes support for RHEL 9 and PostgreSQL 15.

The codename for Horizon 31.0.3 is Biscotti.


  • Geo Map: Add content to the map marker pop up (Issue NMS-13698)
  • Uncontrolled Resource Consumption in Jackson-databind (Issue NMS-15030)
  • Add flow version table to Flow Introduction (Issue NMS-15158)
  • Change OpenNMS Copyright from 2022 to 2023 (Issue NMS-15211)
  • Change OpenNMS Copyright from 2022 to 2023 in the documentation footer (Issue NMS-15212)


  • Include Minion version on "Manage Minions" page (Issue NMS-14493)
  • Update docs to include RHEL 9 install instructions (Issue NMS-15147)
  • Test and Document Support for PostgreSQL 15 (Issue NMS-15151)


  • RRD persistence with default configs in our Horizon OCI points to wrong (Issue NMS-14778)
  • Chrome/Edge Web Browser : Geographical Map Node Counters are wrong (Issue NMS-14792)
  • Form Resubmission From Cache (Issue NMS-14933)
  • Web UI menu item "Endpoints" not in best location (Issue NMS-15004)
  • Incorrect labels on OpenNMS-JMX collection resource types (Issue NMS-15044)
  • Snmp collect reversing to unticked after a few hours (Issue NMS-15117)
  • Log Out does not work from new nav-bar menu (Issue NMS-15119)
  • reloading BSM daemon causes the state of serviceProblem alarm to be reset (Issue NMS-15124)
  • Vue Menubar items obscured by Geo Map (Issue NMS-15149)
  • Flows adapters don’t start on Sentinel running as a container. (Issue NMS-15161)


  • Formalize support for RHEL 9 and its derivatives (Issue NMS-14897)


  • Fix smoke test for new UI (Issue NMS-14910)
  • Add JSON support (in additional to GBP) to the Kafka producer for flows (Issue NMS-15027)
  • publish opennms-plugin-cloud 1.0.6 (Issue NMS-15142)

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