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OpenNMS Horizon 31.0.2 (Stroopwafel)

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16 months ago

Release 31.0.2

Release 31.0.2 is a minor release which fixes a great many bugs and security vulnerabilities, updates the versions of many library dependencies, and introduces some enhancements related to Minion Appliances. The official documentation has also received significant improvements.

The documentation for enabling JAAS encryption for Minion and Sentinel has changed. If you have enabled encryption previously and wish to enable stronger Jasypt-based encryption, you need to reset any existing user passwords.

The codename for Horizon 31.0.2 is Stroopwafel.


  • Failures when jaeger tracing is enabled on Core server and Minion (Issue NMS-14550)
  • Missing /run/opennms on Ubuntu (Issue NMS-14650)
  • javadoc not being generated in H31 (Issue NMS-14750)
  • OpenNMS opennms start fails on Ubuntu (Issue NMS-14838)
  • Regression: install script fails if an OpenNMS directory contains root-owned lost+found directory (Issue NMS-14919)
  • No /var/lib/opennms on 30.0.4 Docker image (Issue NMS-14976)
  • XML Entity Expansion Injection in geolocation API (Issue NMS-14988)
  • UI Preview: UI Plugins do not work if multiple are installed (Issue NMS-14996)
  • OIA Pollers non-functional (Issue NMS-15001)
  • Web UI menu item "Endpoints" not in best location (Issue NMS-15004)
  • Icon for admin menu items missing from some items (Issue NMS-15005)
  • Remove reference to remote pollers (Issue NMS-15017)
  • Lock contention in SnmpPeerFactory (Issue NMS-15042)
  • opennms rpm could get wrong jetty files (Issue NMS-15043)
  • Horizon Karaf container not healthy after installing opennms-timeseries-api with opennms-plugins-cortex-tss (Issue NMS-15078)
  • RHEL9/CentOS9/Rocky 9 need chkconfig package to enable service properly (Issue NMS-15093)
  • Default limit of 10 is not working for event queries (Issue NMS-15123)


  • Dependabot: leaflet from 1.7.1 to 1.8.0 (Issue NMS-14584)
  • Error compiling Cisco MIB (Issue NMS-14640)
  • Doc update: Enable salted hash passwords within Karaf for core/Minion/Sentinel (Issue NMS-14736)
  • Add "admin" disambiguation to Glossary (Issue NMS-14914)
  • simplify docker tags in H31+ (Issue NMS-14989)
  • Update Debian/Ubuntu Upgrade Instructions (Issue NMS-15087)
  • dependabot: Upgrade PostgreSQL dependency to 42.4.3 (or higher) (Issue NMS-15095)
  • Update style elements in Quick Start guide (Issue NMS-15106)

Unexpected Behavior

  • RPM packages fail to install when FIPS Enabled (Issue NMS-14628)


  • Upgrade AngularJS to latest 1.x (Issue NMS-14715)
  • Apache Log4j 1.x Multiple Vulnerabilities (PB-2022, Sep 2022) (Issue NMS-14818)
  • Modify foreign source in HeartbeatConsumer to ignore docker interfaces and detect SNMP agent (Issue NMS-14855)
  • OpenShift test coverage (Issue NMS-14882)
  • SNMP Community retrieval through SCV on Minion (Issue NMS-15008)
  • Add JSON support (in additional to GBP) to the Kafka producer for flows (Issue NMS-15027)
  • Backport deploy-base update from develop to release-31.x (upgrades JRE minor version, adds vim-tiny, less) (Issue NMS-15046)
  • Add KPI for Appliance count by model (Issue NMS-15051)


  • Quick Start: "Beyond Quick Start" chapter (Issue NMS-14735)
  • H31 Release testing (Issue NMS-14797)
  • Review enlinkd documentation (Issue NMS-14850)
  • Update Visualization topic in Quick Start guide (Issue NMS-15029)
  • Fix Antora version differences (Issue NMS-15088)
  • Update opennms-plugin-cloud to 1.0.4 (Issue NMS-15122)

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