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OpenNMS Horizon 31.0.1 (Oreo)

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20 months ago

Release 31.0.1

Release 31.0.1 is a small out-of-band release to address some issues found during 31.0.0 testing.

It contains a few small changes including a fix for unusually large docker images and some other small bug fixes, as well as some updates to the new Quick Start Guide and a fix to the installation instructions for the Cortex plugin.

Please note there is a known issue that only one plugin entry shows up in the navigation bar’s "Plugins" menu, even if multiple plugins are installed. Only ALEC users who install the cloud connector are impacted. ALEC users therefore should avoid the Cloud Services Connector plugin until a new release fixes the underlying bug.

The codename for Horizon 31.0.1 is Oreo.


  • OpenAPI Validation Errors (Issue NMS-14408)
  • Snmp Polling Status shows Polled even though it’s actually not (Issue NMS-14653)
  • Duplicated message when alarm is not found (Issue NMS-14686)
  • Errors while installing opennms-timeseries-api from karaf shell (Issue NMS-14874)
  • When you delete/put memo or journal it always returns 204 even if alarm not exists (Issue NMS-14901)
  • NoSuchElementException errors thrown by EnhancedLinkd (Issue NMS-14912)
  • Docs for Cortex plugin are incorrect (Issue NMS-14945)
  • Horizon/Sentinel docker image size ballooned (Issue NMS-15006)
  • HZN 31: Ubuntu installation issues (Issue NMS-15007)


  • Quick Start: Review entire quick start section when complete. (Issue NMS-14721)
  • New UI Preview: Ensure ALEC UI works (Issue NMS-14891)


  • Update Quick Start login chapter (Issue NMS-14984)
  • Update notifications.adoc in Quick Start section (Issue NMS-14985)
  • Update Quick Start notifications configuration chapter (Issue NMS-14999)

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