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OpenNMS Horizon 30.0.4 (Capybara)

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19 months ago

Release 30.0.4

Release 30.0.4 contains quite a few bug and security fixes and a number of enhancements.

The codename for Horizon 30.0.4 is Capybara.


  • VMware requisition import fail with "Problem getting input stream: {}" (Issue NMS-14450)
  • DCB fails on newly provisioned nodes (Issue NMS-14670)
  • Duplicate V3 trap security names causing spurious errors on non V3 traps (Issue NMS-14718)
  • Kafka Producer NPE causes collection failure overall (Issue NMS-14740)
  • Flow docs don’t account for default config (Issue NMS-14749)
  • On saving of the provisiond configuration must be ensured, that all requsition-def’s have unique names (Issue NMS-14752)
  • NPE in opennms-provision-persistence (Issue NMS-14814)


  • Update BSM Documentation (Issue NMS-8571)
  • Trapd is missing in the docs (Issue NMS-12629)
  • Determine if requisitions docs are correct (Issue NMS-13938)
  • MOS CDR Processor: Tie to node (Issue NMS-14659)
  • Back-port multi-constraint work (Issue NMS-14698)
  • Reflected XSS (PB-2022, Aug 2022) (Issue NMS-14713)
  • Browser-Specific XSS (PB-2022, Aug 2022) (Issue NMS-14714)
  • Form Can Be Manipulated with Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) (Issue NMS-14716)
  • Session Cookie (Authentication Related) Does Not Contain The "HTTPOnly" Attribute (Issue NMS-14717)


  • Add documentation for partial configuration modification via REST (Issue NMS-14671)


  • Open JDK Package References in Upgrade Documentation (Issue NMS-14682)
  • backport CircleCI and Docker enhancements from develop to release-30.x (Issue NMS-14724)
  • Add new handling options for the snmp provisioning metadata adapter (Issue NMS-14729)
  • Modify reduction key for dataCollectionFailed to be service specific (Issue NMS-14744)
  • Add details to PassiveServiceStatus event description (Issue NMS-14799)
  • Update Cortex plugin docs (Issue NMS-14807)

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