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OpenNMS Horizon 30.0.3 (Chipmunk)

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19 months ago

Release 30.0.3

Release 30.0.3 contains quite a few bug fixes as well as number of small features and security fixes.

The codename for Horizon 30.0.3 is Chipmunk.


  • snmpCollect being reset to C even if a policy sets it to N (Issue NMS-14576)
  • Stored XSS (Issue NMS-14591)
  • change or remove how Docker SSH keys are generated (Issue NMS-14643)
  • Thresholding blocks threads under load (Issue NMS-14645)
  • Appliance: Minion fails to come up with 30.0.2 and bleeding image (Issue NMS-14655)
  • Graph page doesn’t escape <> in resource labels (Issue NMS-14657)


  • PassiveStatusd (Issue NMS-8567)
  • Provisiond (Issue NMS-8569)
  • Please update the copyright year on the docs page! (Issue NMS-13911)
  • Add KPIs for user and group counts to datachoices telemetry (Issue NMS-14487)
  • Set up basic Java CLI app to read/process MOS CDR files (Issue NMS-14575)
  • Add KPI for DCB device count by sysObjectID (Issue NMS-14579)
  • Add KPIs for open notifications and outages to datachoices telemetry (Issue NMS-14623)
  • Add KPI for application count to datachoices telemetry (Issue NMS-14624)
  • Official docs readiness for Cortex TSS plugin release (Issue NMS-14667)
  • Upgrade dom4j to latest version (Issue NMS-14696)


  • provisiond config partial update (Issue NMS-14310)
  • Change OIA name to OpenNMS Plugin API (Issue NMS-14475)
  • Remove footer content from opennms/docs (Issue NMS-14637)


  • Migrate Notification wiki pages into docs (Issue NMS-13584)
  • Rest API v2 for obtaining a list of SNMP interfaces doesn’t return back node id (Issue NMS-14449)
  • Add smoke test for new KPIs (Issue NMS-14627)


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