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OpenNMS Horizon 30.0.2 (Gopher)

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20 months ago

Release 30.0.2

Release 30.0.2 contains quite a few bug fixes as well as number of small features.

We have made a number of improvements to the documentation, including reworking the section on events and adding information on configuring SNMP traps and varbinds.

OpenNMS has extended the anonymous metrics we optionally collect to help us improve the project, such as CPU and memory sizing of the platform, and statistics like number of events and flows. Click the gears icon and choose Additional Tools -> Data Choices or edit $OPENNMS_HOME/etc/org.opennms.features.datachoices.cfg to see what is included and to change your opt-in settings. Note that we continue to anonymize the data for internal use only to inform project direction. We do not share it with third parties.

The codename for Horizon 30.0.2 is Gopher.


  • Clearing an alarm brings alarm not found message (Issue NMS-12981)
  • [Web] - Weak Password Policy (Issue NMS-13981)
  • [Web] - Password field with autocomplete enabled on Login page (Issue NMS-13983)
  • JVM MemoryPool data collection not working (Issue NMS-14041)
  • Update guava dependency to 25.1 (Issue NMS-14209)
  • Scripts invoke sudo even if running as root (Issue NMS-14410)
  • Flow Thresholding: persist zero traffic rate (Issue NMS-14429)
  • Documentation references invalid docker version for latest horizon version release (Issue NMS-14431)
  • Kafka metrics producer considers zero values optional (Issue NMS-14469)
  • Kafka metrics producer persists unpersisted collectionsets (Issue NMS-14470)
  • New UI: Link to license points to instead of a specific license (Issue NMS-14523)
  • WebMonitor does not track the response time (Issue NMS-14535)
  • Event / Alarms filtering no longer works (Issue NMS-14542)
  • Grafana dashboard reports do not run (Issue NMS-14544)
  • Clicking on the Count # in the Alarm does not bring up the associated Events (Issue NMS-14549)
  • Mappings are not correctly handled in the JSON Collection Handler (Issue NMS-14559)
  • Fix docs references to editing org.apache.karaf.features.cfg (Issue NMS-14566)
  • Spring Framework CVE-2022-22950 Remediation (Issue NMS-14568)


  • Please update the copyright year on the docs page! (Issue NMS-13911)
  • DCB: Add Rest End point for deletion of Device Configs (Issue NMS-14287)
  • Add KPIs for CPU count and memory size to datachoices telemetry (Issue NMS-14482)
  • Add KPIs for polls, metrics, events, and flows to datachoices telemetry (Issue NMS-14483)
  • Add KPIs for business service count to datachoices telemetry (Issue NMS-14485)
  • Add KPIs for count of total requisition and requisitions with custom FSD to datachoices telemetry (Issue NMS-14486)
  • Add KPIs for notification entities to datachoices telemetry (Issue NMS-14488)
  • Add KPIs for Sink, RPC, and Time-series strategies to datachoices telemetry (Issue NMS-14491)
  • Add KPI item for RDBMS type and version to datachoices telemetry (Issue NMS-14492)
  • Fix stock graphite-telemetry-interface.groovy script file (Issue NMS-14564)


  • Update XSD URL (Issue NMS-14150)
  • How to merge config on upgrade using Git (Issue NMS-14281)
  • Document allowed characters in service-names (Issue NMS-14423)
  • Add documentation to describe negate search terms in alarms advanced search (Issue NMS-14437)
  • JDBCQueryDetector documentation (Issue NMS-14453)
  • JDBStoredProcedureDetector documentation (Issue NMS-14454)
  • Release work (July 13) (Issue NMS-14458)


  • Update PG installation documentation to use SCRAM (Issue NMS-13057)
  • Upgrade Kafka components to 3.2.0 (Issue NMS-13953)
  • Debugging DCB scripts is a pain (Issue NMS-14120)
  • Update Events Documentation (Issue NMS-14212)
  • Migrate Trap configuration wiki to docs (Issue NMS-14323)
  • Document SNMP oid varbind pattern matching and varbind expansion to create unique events (Issue NMS-14346)
  • SNMP Interface Poller doc updates (Issue NMS-14412)
  • Negate search terms in event advanced search (Issue NMS-14476)
  • Update documentation for policy matching (Issue NMS-14528)
  • Add option to not store DCB script output (Issue NMS-14537)
  • Add datacollection definition for Eventd processing times (Issue NMS-14554)
  • Fix outdated MySQL / MariaDB JDBC collection config (Issue NMS-14571)
  • simplify assembly tarballs (Issue NMS-14572)


  • Upgrade to Feather 0.10.15 (Issue NMS-14547)

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