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OpenNMS Horizon 30.0.1 (Chinchilla)

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21 months ago

Release 30.0.1

Release 30.0.1 contains a number of bug fixes as well as a number of new features including support for encrypting credentials.

For a high-level overview of what has changed in Horizon 30, see What’s New in OpenNMS Horizon 30.

The codename for Horizon 30.0.1 is Chinchilla.


  • Error responses are not handled correctly when handling ElasticSearch responses (Issue NMS-13785)
  • Tag Netflow v9 packets as Ingress on the INPUT_SNMP ifindex and Egress on the OUTPUT_SNMP ifindex (Issue NMS-14279)
  • MIB compiler creates datacollections that fail to validate (Issue NMS-14314)
  • Bridge Topology Discovery Mismatch (Issue NMS-14322)
  • Grafana Panel Internal Server Error when lasteventid is Null for an Alarm when Using HELM (Issue NMS-14331)
  • Replace old logo references in some files/reports with the new logo (Issue NMS-14372)
  • Topology UI Error when deleting a graphml (Issue NMS-14379)
  • Link to SCV UI is missing from OG UI admin landing page (Issue NMS-14393)
  • runas=root entry in opennms.conf gets duplicated (Issue NMS-14396)
  • Kafka Consumer stops commits when overloaded (Issue NMS-14415)
  • Appliance: Minion fails to come up with 30.x and bleeding image (Issue NMS-14441)
  • External Requisition UI: foreignSource not set for VMware requisition (Issue NMS-14478)
  • Pollerd take a long time to start on systems with large inventories (Issue NMS-14524)

New Feature

  • Encrypt SNMP Credentials (Issue NMS-14215)
  • Encrypt Postgres credentials (Issue NMS-14216)


  • SNMP MIB imports to handle OPAQUE data type implementation (Issue NMS-14018)
  • Support for SSH Key Authentication (Issue NMS-14119)
  • Add KPIs to datachoices telemetry for Provisiond config items (Issue NMS-14233)
  • DCB: UI : Configs without service name shouldn’t have option for Backup (Issue NMS-14300)
  • DCB: Script files are not shown in File Editor UI (Issue NMS-14411)
  • Add support for replaying packet captures to telemetryd (Issue NMS-14465)
  • Prefer ingressPhysicalInterface over INPUT_SNMP when processing flows (Issue NMS-14467)
  • Add KPI for list of enabled service daemons to datachoices telemetry (Issue NMS-14489)



  • event nodeCategoryMembershipChanged should be more verbose (Issue NMS-10634)
  • Guide to monitor essential Microsoft Active Directory Services (Issue NMS-11793)
  • There should be documentation for the reports (Issue NMS-11810)
  • Wild cards for flow classifiations are not explained (Issue NMS-12421)
  • Create JdbcDetector documentation (Issue NMS-13427)
  • Authentication related WEB-INF files should also exist in etc-pristine (Issue NMS-13834)
  • Negate search terms in alarms advanced search (Issue NMS-14043)
  • Support writing to multiple TSDB in parallel (Issue NMS-14197)
  • Enlinkd Topology Map Layers Documentation (Issue NMS-14325)
  • Karaf scv-list command to see what entries exist (Issue NMS-14385)
  • upgrade JNA to 5 (Issue NMS-14417)
  • Add script to manipulate flows (Issue NMS-14468)


  • Update all Vue UI packages to latest (Issue NMS-14460)

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