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OpenNMS Horizon 29.0.9 (Kiwi)

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2 years ago

Release 29.0.9 contains a bunch of bug fixes and enhancements, including improvements for running in containers, code cleanups, and improved documentation.

For a high-level overview of what has changed in Horizon 29, see What’s New in OpenNMS Horizon 29.

The codename for Horizon 29.0.9 is Kiwi.


  • Documentation for all pollers misses RRD config parameter (Issue NMS-11747)
  • Resolve SonarCloud High priority Security Hotspots (Issue NMS-14002)
  • Can’t set capabilities in Minion systemd unit (Issue NMS-14016)
  • Scriptd helpers ignore community setting (Issue NMS-14045)
  • Wrong wiki URL in debian installer (Issue NMS-14053)
  • Build from source documentation needs a minor correction (Issue NMS-14088)
  • Hostname command is missing when running in a container (Issue NMS-14100)
  • Fix for NMS-13887 did not make it to Core (Issue NMS-14117)
  • Update docs for binding ports <1024 (Issue NMS-14162)


  • Switch to using a java e-mail library instead of system mail (Issue NMS-14015)
  • Misspelling in SystemExecuteMonitor error text (Issue NMS-14091)
  • relicense rancid-api to LGPL, change dependency to match (Issue NMS-14093)
  • clean up JAXB dependencies (Issue NMS-14105)

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