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OpenNMS Horizon 29.0.2 (Satanic Nightjar)

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2 years ago

Release 29.0.2 contains a fix for a Jetty CVE, plus a number of bug fixes and small enhancements, including changes to user auth, Twin API, VMware, and running as non-root.

For a high-level overview of what has changed in Horizon 29, see What’s New in OpenNMS Horizon 29.

The codename for Horizon 29.0.2 is Satanic Nightjar.


  • Update labelling in Configure Discover screen (Issue NMS-12992)
  • Link to release notes in web Help / About needs updating (Issue NMS-13579)
  • Twin logs doesn’t appear in ipc.log (Issue NMS-13731)
  • Authorization changes not taking immediate effect (Issue NMS-13761)
  • VMware sessions not correctly closed in all cases (Issue NMS-13774)
  • Permission check in ./install -dis flags unwriteable files in the .git directory (Issue NMS-13778)
  • Uncatched exception when importing a VMware virtual machine without an IP interface (Issue NMS-13781)
  • opennms-webapp-hawtio %post chown errors (Issue NMS-13788)
  • 29.0.1 minion should be RUNAS=minion (Issue NMS-13789)
  • Missing RRD package definition in BMP persisting adapter (Issue NMS-13812)
  • CVE-2021-28164: access to WEB-INF (Issue NMS-13832)


  • Dynamic Configuration of Trap Listener (Issue NMS-13564)
  • Tracing support for twin communication (Issue NMS-13650)
  • Document how to install from source (Issue NMS-13685)
  • Improve Related Events box in Alarm detail page (Issue NMS-13749)
  • Optionally include a table of event parameters on the event detail page (Issue NMS-13765)
  • Remove link to wiki from the landing page (Issue NMS-13779)
  • Add support for VMware 7.0.3 performance data collection (Issue NMS-13780)

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