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OpenNMS Horizon 29.0.11 (Hawk)

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20 months ago

Release 29.0.11 contains a number of bug fixes and enhancements.

For a high-level overview of what has changed in Horizon 29, see What’s New in OpenNMS Horizon 29.

The codename for Horizon 29.0.11 is Hawk.


  • Admin guide lacks a chapter on logging (Issue NMS-8861)
  • Error responses are not handled correctly when handling ElasticSearch responses (Issue NMS-13785)
  • [Web] - WebServer Fingerprinting (Issue NMS-13987)
  • Telemetryd does not shut down gracefully (Issue NMS-14003)
  • Event/Alarm advanced search not passing search terms (Issue NMS-14161)
  • Users with ROLE_USER face Access Denied when accessing Resource Graphs from Reports Section (Issue NMS-14193)
  • Exception when searching assets (Issue NMS-14240)
  • Rogue opennms-tools/phonebook/pom.xml (Issue NMS-14266)
  • Remove "Commercial Support" ticket lookup from web ui support section (Issue NMS-14280)
  • Kafka-Producer Alarm Resync Failing Post Entire Kafka Cluster Outage (Issue NMS-14321)
  • Replace old logo references in some files/reports with the new logo (Issue NMS-14372)
  • runas=root entry in opennms.conf gets duplicated (Issue NMS-14396)
  • Kafka Consumer stops commits when overloaded (Issue NMS-14415)


  • Document how to upgrade OpenNMS (Issue NMS-13692)
  • Add new KPIs to datachoices telemetry (Issue NMS-14203)



  • Add a note to remember delete the browsers cache when upgrading OpenNMS (Issue NMS-8504)
  • there is no documentation on the instrumentation log reader (Issue NMS-10393)
  • event nodeCategoryMembershipChanged should be more verbose (Issue NMS-10634)
  • Migrate External Auth into docs (Issue NMS-13574)
  • Document how to set up SSL with Jetty (Issue NMS-13684)
  • DCB: Error reporting needs love (Issue NMS-14128)
  • Correct errors on Business Service Monitoring docs (Issue NMS-14337)
  • Snmp Link Up does not clear Snmp Link Down (Issue NMS-14378)
  • upgrade JNA to 5 (Issue NMS-14417)

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