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OpenNMS Horizon 29.0.0 (Turkey)

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2 years ago

Release 29.0.0 is the first in the Horizon 29 series, introducing running as non-root by default, optimizations to Minion communication, time-series improvements, support for Cortex for storing flow data, and more.

For a high-level overview of what has changed in Horizon 29, see What’s New in OpenNMS Horizon 29.

The codename for Horizon 29.0.0 is Turkey.


  • Add Validation for Metadata in Thresholds (Issue NMS-12689)
  • Prometheus collector won’t process untyped metrics (Issue NMS-12717)
  • Confd doesn’t replace telemetryd config in etc (Issue NMS-13265)
  • The node and interface counters of the Evaluation Layer are incorrect (Issue NMS-13283)
  • EvaluationMetrics.log is contaminated with non-related metrics. (Issue NMS-13284)
  • Meta-Data cannot be deleted using UI (Issue NMS-13314)
  • Maven: external HTTP insecure URLs are blocked (Issue NMS-13323)
  • Installation with non-root user failes on CentOS 8 (Issue NMS-13415)
  • Starting opennms with systemd as non-root fails with access denied for pid (Issue NMS-13417)
  • Fresh install requires to run fix-permissions script for (Issue NMS-13418)
  • Docker not able to access etc overlay as non-root (Issue NMS-13436)
  • The Info ReST endpoint is not showing the services status (Issue NMS-13437)
  • Fix ipInterface PrimaryType Hibernate mapping (Issue NMS-13469)
  • Relaunch of bin/opennms script as opennms user fails due to missing arguments (Issue NMS-13470)
  • Reflected XSS in webapp notice wizard (Issue NMS-13496)
  • IFTTT integration not working anymore (Issue NMS-13501)
  • Minion stops processing flows with "Invalid packet: null" until restart (Issue NMS-13539)
  • Components that use JavaMail unable to use TLS 1.2+ (Issue NMS-13636)
  • Hardware information not displayed for some devices (SnmpMetadataProvisioningAdapter) (Issue NMS-13648)
  • Lock contention when processing large volume of REST API requests (Issue NMS-13655)
  • Clean unused data in srv001.txt and srv002.txt (Issue NMS-13657)
  • Nodes with complex hardware configuration are not correctly rendered (Issue NMS-13660)
  • automation cleanUpRpStatusChanges that references removed action with same name remains in default vacuumd-configuration.xml configuration (Issue NMS-13661)
  • ALEC in distributed mode doesn’t start on Sentinel (Issue NMS-13664)
  • property name importer.adapter.dns.reverse.level is incorrect in commented out example (Issue NMS-13670)
  • Fix JtiTelemetryIT smoke test (Issue NMS-13687)
  • START_TIMEOUT ignored when run from systemd (Issue NMS-13702)
  • macOS Monterey: older OpenNMS branches do not start anymore (Issue NMS-13703)
  • related events box in alarm detail shows all events when alarm has no node / interface / service / ifindex (Issue NMS-13705)
  • SNMP Metadata Provisioning Adapter: wrong line in debian/rules (Issue NMS-13717)
  • invalid permissions in /var/opennms on fresh install (Issue NMS-13725)
  • JMS Twin doesn’t work with minion user (Issue NMS-13726)
  • Remove reference to DHCP plugin from docs (Issue NMS-13727)
  • GeoIP Provisioning Adapter: SubnetUtils does not support IPv6 (Issue NMS-13728)


  • Change the webUI so it runs as a non-root user easily and reliably (Issue NMS-1231)
  • Create opennms user on install (Issue NMS-11970)
  • syslogd as non-root user (Issue NMS-11982)
  • opennms.service in non-root environment (Issue NMS-12005)
  • opennms init script "runas" setting (Issue NMS-12007)
  • TrapD won’t run as non-root user (Issue NMS-12026)
  • non-root user:group file permissions (Issue NMS-12034)
  • Documentation for reloadable daemons (Issue NMS-12611)
  • Incorporate node related information to events and alarms topic in opennms-kafka-producer feature (Issue NMS-12778)
  • Update Provisioning chapter (Issue NMS-12810)
  • Create docs about Newts confd parameters (Issue NMS-13005)
  • Allow OpenNMS Core service to run as non-root (Issue NMS-13016)
  • Improve usability and self-contained features of the Kafka Producer payload for metrics (Issue NMS-13191)
  • Upgrade Kafka components to 2.8.0 (Issue NMS-13264)
  • Monitor localhost in a fresh install (Issue NMS-13313)
  • Location dropdown on Add Node does not sort/filter (Issue NMS-13316)
  • Persist monitor status in RRD (Issue NMS-13324)
  • TSS 2.0: Improved Tag handling (Issue NMS-13356)
  • Provide ability to store aggregated flow data from Nephron in Cortex (Issue NMS-13372)
  • Investigate the Conversations related performance with Cortex & large amount of data (Issue NMS-13375)
  • Nephron: Get rid of convo_key and grouped_by_key (Issue NMS-13377)
  • Define Minion/OpenNMS Object replication Interfaces (Issue NMS-13401)
  • Integrate Object replication with Trapd (for SNMPV3 Users) (Issue NMS-13402)
  • Limit CollectionSet size in Kafka Producer to less than 1MB. (Issue NMS-13407)
  • Remove remote repository dependencies during Minion OCI build (Issue NMS-13432)
  • Implement gRPC broker for Object replication (Twin) (Issue NMS-13460)
  • Implement ActiveMQ broker for Object replication ( Twin) (Issue NMS-13461)
  • Implement In-memory broker for Object replication ( Twin) (Issue NMS-13462)
  • Implement Kafka broker for Object replication ( Twin) (Issue NMS-13463)
  • Changes to review bulk indexing with raw flow data (Issue NMS-13478)
  • Grpc IPC and Twin should be able to run from the same port (Issue NMS-13487)
  • Add Karaf Command to add query and publish Twin Objects (Issue NMS-13488)
  • delete the opennms-tools directory (Issue NMS-13563)
  • Upgrade Karaf to v4.3.2 (Issue NMS-13565)
  • Support partial updates to Twin API (Issue NMS-13576)
  • Optimize ip address handling in flow classification engine (Issue NMS-13577)
  • optimize repeated reloads of the flow classification engine (Issue NMS-13580)
  • The implementation of HealthCheck.performAsyncHealthCheck is not async (Issue NMS-13590)
  • Add tag argument to health-check command (Issue NMS-13592)
  • Provide basic implementation for patch support for Twin (Issue NMS-13594)
  • Show Link State when viewing links on the Enlinkd topology maps (Issue NMS-13619)
  • Topologies menu (Issue NMS-13622)
  • Documentation for the new feature persisting flows in Cortex (Issue NMS-13635)
  • Discover LLDP topology on devices running MikroTik RouterOS (Issue NMS-13637)
  • Drop SQS support (Issue NMS-13640)
  • Remove Rest Client / OpenNMS Rest Health Checks on Minion (Issue NMS-13641)
  • Update docs with Twin implementation (Issue NMS-13642)
  • Check doc source for wiki links (Issue NMS-13688)
  • Create Release Notes for Horizon 29 (Issue NMS-13700)
  • Add Twin feature/strategy to conf.d/smoke test (Issue NMS-13701)
  • GeoIP Provisioning Adapter (Issue NMS-13704)
  • Allow PostgreSQL 14 (Issue NMS-13714)
  • Add hint for time sync on OpenNMS components (Issue NMS-13724)

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