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OpenNMS Horizon 28.1.1 (Mikaela Banes)

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2 years ago

Release 28.1.1 contains a number of bug fixes and enhancements, including web UI, Minion, Docker, and documentation improvements.

For a high-level overview of what has changed in Horizon 28, see What’s New in OpenNMS Horizon 28.

The codename for Horizon 28.1.1 is Mikaela Banes.


  • Fix example configuration for Scriptd (Issue NMS-13271)
  • Strings with URL arguments are truncated in the eventdescr field (Issue NMS-13428)
  • SNMPv3 traps are not counted correctly in JMX metrics (Issue NMS-13489)
  • missing fields in search autocomplete (Issue NMS-13518)
  • Some of the tests of ClassificationRulePageIT are flaky (Issue NMS-13566)
  • Signed Minion container bleeding image shows revision as meridian-foundation-2021.1.4-1-487 (Issue NMS-13587)
  • Meridian Minion images do not include release (Issue NMS-13591)
  • Horizon release-28.x builds fail with a certificate error (Issue NMS-13609)


  • Document data types in collectd (Issue NMS-10476)
  • Update adapters documentation (Issue NMS-12999)
  • Move monitors docs to the Reference section (Issue NMS-13524)
  • Move detectors to reference section (Issue NMS-13525)
  • Move collectors to reference section (Issue NMS-13526)
  • Move telemetryd (streaming telemetry) to reference section (Issue NMS-13527)
  • Move ticketing docs to reference section (Issue NMS-13529)
  • Add search term highlight functionality in documentation (Issue NMS-13540)
  • Minion: Health ReST API: Lightweight/passive health check for broker/OpenNMS (Issue NMS-13547)
  • Move provisioning policies to the reference section (Issue NMS-13562)
  • Implement HW inventory Provisioning adapter API to support Juniper HW (Issue NMS-13575)
  • Add full trapoid for Snmp V1 (Issue NMS-13586)
  • Geolocator Doc Clarification (Issue NMS-13611)

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