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OpenNMS Horizon 28.0.0 (Jazz)

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2 years ago

Release 28.0.0 is the first in the Horizon 28 series, introducing a requirement of Java 11, enhancements to flow aggregation to support DSCP ToS/QoS, and more.

For a high-level overview of what has changed in Horizon 28, see What’s New in OpenNMS Horizon 28.

The codename for Horizon 28.0.0 is Jazz.


  • Quick Search Typing anything but numbers in the Node list gets 404 (Issue NMS-8012)
  • "Search/Filter Resources" on "Resource Graphs" not functioning as expected (Issue NMS-11752)
  • Race condition on ALEC’s config bundle after installation (Issue NMS-12766)
  • Race condition when enabling the Situations Feedback feature (Issue NMS-12767)
  • Add a warning when enabling forwarding metrics through the Kafka Producer (Issue NMS-13039)
  • Nephron: optimize aggregation calculation (Issue NMS-13100)
  • Setting Instance ID via minon-config.yaml doesn’t work (Issue NMS-13101)
  • Shipped minion flow listener config does not create a working listener (Issue NMS-13110)
  • BouncyCastle breaks SSL support in OpenNMS (Issue NMS-13111)
  • Wrong UEI is picked when threshold alarms are generated (Issue NMS-13120)
  • IP interface link in Response Time graph page is broken (Issue NMS-13158)
  • Use perl from env (Issue NMS-13174)
  • The behavior of the Ticketing API differs from older versions. (Issue NMS-13189)
  • The %dpname% breaks the alarm life-cycle when having multiple minions per location (Issue NMS-13210)
  • Fix nephron/catheter build interaction (Issue NMS-13198)
  • System settings for Minion in are ignored (Issue NMS-13222)
  • Change Jetty default settings to exclude vulnerable cipher suites, expose client-initiated renegotiation (Issue NMS-13227)
  • LLDP REST api miss local port info (Issue NMS-13258)
  • Notifications received despite Schedule Outage applies (Issue NMS-13266)
  • Mark OIA Implementation for Timeseries as experimental (Issue NMS-13281)
  • Favicon of OpenAPI page need to be updated (Issue NMS-13292)
  • Validate query parameters in snmpInterfaces.jsp (Issue NMS-13308)
  • Validate name parameter in DestinationWizardServlet (Issue NMS-13309)
  • CLONE - DOC Branding: Icon in tab is still the old one (Issue NMS-13329)
  • Enumeration of DSCP values returns only 10 values (Issue NMS-13333)


  • Migrate OpenNMS core docs to Antora (Issue NMS-12497)
  • Overview chapter (Issue NMS-12670)
  • Raw Link Details via REST API (Issue NMS-12941)
  • Nephron: add additional aggregations to support QoS filtering in Helm (Issue NMS-12945)
  • Nephron: examine what additional compute and storage load is implied by the new QoS-based aggregations (Issue NMS-12946)
  • Elastic Flow Repository: modify ReST API to support queries including QoS (aggregated and raw queries) (Issue NMS-12947)
  • Upgrade Karaf to version 4.2.10 (Issue NMS-12977)
  • Add out of band management capabilities (Issue NMS-13072)
  • Create Win32ServiceDetector documentation (Issue NMS-13074)
  • Create WmiDetector documenation (Issue NMS-13075)
  • Create BgpSessionDetector documentation (Issue NMS-13076)
  • Nephron: Use discarding accumulation (Issue NMS-13085)
  • Optimize flow queries in case no DSCP or ECN filter exists (Issue NMS-13086)
  • Centralize the OpenNMS Configuration (Issue NMS-13089)
  • Build prototype of configuration system for vacuumd config (Issue NMS-13090)
  • Enhancement to Topology ReST Endpoint (Issue NMS-13091)
  • Nephron: Add additional aggregations for backwards compatibilty and optimized access (Issue NMS-13099)
  • Enable Single topic by default for Kafka RPC (Issue NMS-13104)
  • Intergate support for OSGI into configuration system (Issue NMS-13122)
  • Nephron: Use unaligned windows for different exporters (Issue NMS-13131)
  • Nephron: derive aggregations for hosts and applications from the conversation aggregation (Issue NMS-13132)
  • Drift (ES): Upgrade to ES 7.10.2 (Issue NMS-13134)
  • Investigate using openAPI&Swagger to document v2 RESTful API (Issue NMS-13187)
  • Upgrade Karaf from 4.2.6 to 4.2.10 (Issue NMS-13193)
  • Compile OpenNMS with JDK11 (and remove support for JDK8) (Issue NMS-13197)
  • Nephron should support Kafka over TLS (Issue NMS-13203)
  • Add Antora Xref validation in Horizon/Meridian repository (Issue NMS-13209)
  • Flows: Fallback config for flow timeouts (Issue NMS-13215)
  • Upgrade Karaf to 4.2.11 (Issue NMS-13220)
  • Incorrect reference to org.opennms.netmgt.syslog.cfg (Issue NMS-13223)
  • Update Help page with doc links in the Web UI (Issue NMS-13225)
  • Admin Guide Newts Instructions Incomplete (Issue NMS-13242)
  • Minion - Meridian Installation Documents Incorrect (Issue NMS-13247)
  • Provide documentation for context-sensitive help in UI form (Issue NMS-13255)
  • Change Horizon to new brand icon and update navbar theme color (Issue NMS-13263)
  • Doc update for PrometheusCollector parameters (Issue NMS-13267)
  • Update Horizon log in page to the new design (Issue NMS-13270)
  • Minion: A programmatic means of obtaining health (alternate to opennms:health-check) (Issue NMS-13274)
  • PoC for Docker Content Trust (Issue NMS-13277)
  • Location aware Requisitions from DNS (Issue NMS-13278)
  • Support Rest API on Minion & Enable health-check REST feature (Issue NMS-13311)
  • Update conventions for text formatting (Issue NMS-13336)

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