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OpenNMS Horizon 27.2.0 (Magrathea)

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2 years ago

Release 27.2.0 contains a bunch of bug fixes and security updates, alongside a branding refresh.

For a high-level overview of what has changed in Horizon 27, see What’s New in OpenNMS Horizon 27.

The codename for 27.2.0 is Magrathea.


  • Not possible to define notification parameters via "Configure notifications" UI (Issue NMS-8581)
  • Measurement API: Trim DS name to 19 chars when using RRD (Issue NMS-12728)
  • Bmp Peer Up/Down Notification Message may be missed on OpenNMS/Sentinel (Issue NMS-13224)
  • Reflected XSS reported 2021-03-31 (update summary after disclosure) (Issue NMS-13229)
  • Backport Security Issues from Last Month (Issue NMS-13231)
  • Heartbeat topic lag with a large number of minions (Issue NMS-13232)
  • vmware integration connection pool not expiring connections (Issue NMS-13234)
  • Issue with parsing sFlow (Issue NMS-13235)
  • Cleared alarms with closed ticket state not removed when using a hybrid approach (Issue NMS-13237)
  • LLDP REST api miss local port info (Issue NMS-13258)
  • Update Vaadin dependencies (Issue NMS-13261)
  • Time zone is handled different on Minion container image based on Ubuntu (Issue NMS-13276)
  • Apache Commons IO Security Update: CVE-2021-29425 (Issue NMS-13279)

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