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OpenNMS Horizon 27.1.0 (Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal)

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3 years ago

Release 27.1.0 contains a bunch of bug fixes, as well as a number of enhancements including a refactor of our BGP Monitoring Protocol integration.

For a high-level overview of what has changed in Horizon 27, see What’s New in OpenNMS Horizon 27.

The codename for 27.1.0 is Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal.

Bug Fixes

  • Notification link in Admin menu goes to start page (Issue NMS-8184)
  • Change password does not go to Change password page (Issue NMS-8770)
  • Wrong label in event search menu (Issue NMS-8977)
  • Footer in Alarm view is broken (Issue NMS-9139)
  • Clarify clone detectors and policies (Issue NMS-9308)
  • REST API allows to import a requistion from XML with same services (Issue NMS-12739)
  • Broken provisiond policy does not appear in the logs (Issue NMS-12834)
  • Vacuumd throws NullPointer Exception on startup (Issue NMS-12884)
  • Change installation guide to run as non-root user (Issue NMS-12989)
  • Cortex plugin shows only data for counters in a window > 3 hours (Issue NMS-13014)
  • Timezone and Grafana Dashboard fields not preserved when editing a scheduled report (Issue NMS-13064)
  • Flow Rest API: Name lookup is happening per bucket and not per interval (Aggregation Only) (Issue NMS-13065)
  • Make OpenNMS compile on Apple Silicon (Issue NMS-13079)
  • Fix NPE in Vaccumd (Issue NMS-13098)
  • Make sequence number trackin thread-save and patient about out-of-order (Issue NMS-13106)
  • Vmware-importer requisition meta-data lost at import (Issue NMS-13109)
  • XSS in user management (Issue NMS-13125)
  • No option provided to change the number of records per page in Events ILP and Events/Alarms ILP under Topology (Issue NMS-13137)
  • The OpenNMS Web User Interface Has Experienced an Error observed when searching for a Event under Event notifications (Issue NMS-13148)
  • Node’s sub-option Availability exceeds table alignment and overlaps next table of Notifications under Topology section (Issue NMS-13153)
  • Newts Cache priming flag is inverted (Issue NMS-13156)
  • Dependabot: Upgrade Apache POI to 3.17 (CVE-2017-12626) (Issue NMS-13161)


  • Cloning of Foreign Source Definition (Issue NMS-8854)
  • Depend on haveged (and supply it in our repo) (Issue NMS-8959)
  • Rename button on Threshold Groups screen (Issue NMS-12606)
  • Upgrade Kafka components to 2.7.0 (Issue NMS-12704)
  • Handle all possible values of ifOperStatus in the SNMP Interface Poller (Issue NMS-12980)
  • Remote poller: review all documentation to update RP references (Issue NMS-12879)
  • Persist basic BMP messages in OpenNMS (Issue NMS-12949)
  • Handle stats for BMP (Issue NMS-12952)
  • Get dashboards from OpenBMP working (Issue NMS-12953)
  • Enhance Routes with ASN info (Issue NMS-12963)
  • Enhance Routes with WhoIs info (Issue NMS-12964)
  • Enhance Routes with RPKI info (Issue NMS-12965)
  • Create confd templates to handle Slack properties (Issue NMS-12982)
  • Create confd templates to handle Mattermost properties (Issue NMS-13004)
  • Updating UI to clarify rescan process (Issue NMS-13040)
  • Update PostgreSQL JDBC drivers (Issue NMS-13049)
  • Move Stats handling to TimeScaleDB (Issue NMS-13061)
  • Upgrade Container base images (Issue NMS-13071)
  • Add SNMP Data Collection example to Horizon Docs (Issue NMS-13107)
  • Nephron: Replace JacksonJsonCoder for FlowSummaries (Issue NMS-13115)
  • Nephron: fix rounding errors in flow sampling (Issue NMS-13116)
  • Create smoke test that verifies all Reload daemon are successful (Issue NMS-13117)
  • Searching node link informations (Issue NMS-13129)
  • add service status to rest /info API (Issue NMS-13135)
  • Update Kafka settings for multiple instances documentation (Issue NMS-13136)
  • Move some model objects from opennms-webapp to opennms-web-api (Issue NMS-13168)
  • create a table to show related events in the alarm detail view (Issue NMS-13170)

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