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OpenNMS Horizon 26.2.2 (Vader)

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3 years ago

Release 26.2.2 is the ninth release in the Horizon 26 series.

It contains a number of bug fixes and enhancements, including doc improvements, time series updates, and a fix for UEI processing.

The codename for 26.2.2 is Vader.


  • HTTP Detector does not accept a response without a reason as valid (Issue NMS-10351)
  • Eventconf with same UEI but differing masks does not follow first-found-wins rule when some events have alarm-data elements and some do not (Issue NMS-12755)
  • make allowing legacy MD5 passwords configurable (Issue NMS-12817)
  • Install guide RHEL instructions are invalid on RHEL 7 (Issue NMS-12891)
  • Nullpointer in Time Series Integration Layer when query leads to no data. (Issue NMS-12914)
  • Integration API: Alarm.type is unset (Issue NMS-12923)


  • SNMP special configs are missing in the docs (Issue NMS-10382)
  • Update collectors chapter (Issue NMS-12682)
  • Include XML schema for wsman-datacollection-config.xml in assemblies (Issue NMS-12813)
  • Update Minion installation documentation (Issue NMS-12917)
  • Improvements to Timescale Plugin (Issue NMS-12929)
  • sort custom reports (Issue NMS-12931)
  • TSS: TimescalePlugin: Create KAR (Issue NMS-12932)

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