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OpenNMS Horizon 26.2.0 (Kabuki)

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3 years ago

Release 26.2.0 is the seventh release in the Horizon 26 series.

It contains a bunch of bug fixes and improvements, including adding support for a new telemetry adapter supporting collection from OpenConfig over the gRPC Juniper Telemetry Interface.

The codename for 26.2.0 is Kabuki.

Bug Fixes

  • Slack-compatible notification strategies expect "url" for switch name, should be "-url" (Issue NMS-10552)
  • Resource Graph properties throws exception if label starts with a number (Issue NMS-12793)
  • importing a provisioning group erases path outages (Issue NMS-3608)
  • Can't install Horizon on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (Issue NMS-12693)
  • missing when started by Systemd (Issue NMS-12769)
  • Wildcard certificate rejected after upgrade from OpenNMS version 26.1.1 to 26.1.2 (Issue NMS-12805)
  • AbstractXmlCollectionHandler.parseString() doesn't handle json content (Issue NMS-12812)
  • Syslogd is sending new suspect events with null IP Address (Issue NMS-12824)
  • NPE while running AlarmLifecycleListenerManager (Issue NMS-12825)
  • Fix CollectdTest mock'ing errors (Issue NMS-12828)
  • Fix JMX datacollection config generator test (Issue NMS-12829)
  • Remove unused import in BsonUtils (Issue NMS-12830)
  • Update mockito/powermock dependencies (Issue NMS-12831)
  • Response Time Summary database report missing latency caluculation (Issue NMS-12837)
  • SslContextFactory needs to be changed to SslContextFactory.Server in jetty.xml (Issue NMS-12847)
  • Wrong startup command for Minion running with Docker and health check issues (Issue NMS-12872)


  • Create OpenConfig Client to collect/digest Telemetry data (Issue NMS-12729)
  • Backport OpenConfig to release-26.x (Issue NMS-12867)
  • Support encryption for SNMP V3 credentials (Issue NMS-12753)
  • snmpv3 need support for SHA256 and SHA512 Authentication Protocol (Issue NMS-12782)
  • Add documentation for OpenConfig feature (Issue NMS-12857)

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